Sunday 17 December 2023

My Author Life’s Year-End Assessment…

When the year starts to wind down, I usually do an evaluation of what I’ve accomplished, and what I’m still working on. Augh. Some of my goals for 2023 came to fruition, others fell flat, and still others were not in my control to begin with. Augh, again. I did manage to finish the third installment of Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls series, entitled Sticks and Stones, but fell short of my deadline for spring. Instead, I completed my manuscript just before our Canadian Thanksgiving in early October. How fitting, since the novel ends during our Thanksgiving. Divine timing, it seems, is everything. My goal was to get the novel ready for my publisher’s 2024 publication roster. Um, no. Fell a little short. But I got into the 2025 for sure, unless something unforeseen happens and a space opens up. Such is the complexity of the publishing industry. Sigh.

That said, I feel very blessed to have a publisher like Mirror World Publishing, who literally has their authors’ backs, and are so supportive and understanding. Another goal I did manage to get launched was compiling a writing resource ebook called Tips, Tools & Tricks for the Tenacious Writer, and offering it for free on my website as a downloadable PDF. It was actually ten years in the making, as I took helpful articles from my blog to share my publishing journey with wannabe writers or authors who might just glean some useful material from it. I managed to get the freebie up last March, so a win-win for me! *Pats back vigorously*

A smaller goal was to try to get my books into the local libraries of the Southern Ontario region I live in. Talk about red tape and politics. Triple augh! I contacted the right people in the right positions, explained that I wanted my books to share shelf space with the numerous books they had on hand, and of course told them I was a local author. I was informed that their budgets would only allow so many books to be purchased (most likely famous authors or bestsellers), but that I could drop off my books at the closest libraries in my location. So I did. I chose the first books in my two young adult series, The Last Timekeepers and the Arch of Atlantis, and Lost and Found from Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls. I wrote a cover letter and packaged my book babies up, and sent them on their way. I also mentioned in the letter that if they decided against purchasing my books, then please accept these titles as a donation. Sigh. Never even got a thank you or a charitable slip for tax purposes. *Shakes fist vehemently*

My HUGE goal (this one is NOT in my control) was to acquire a literary agent to handle foreign and subsidiary rights for both my young adult series. Yeah, I know it’s a pipe dream, but I truly believe in myself as a writer, and do want to bring more light into the world through my books. I began this endeavor in November 2022, crafting a query tailored to my goals, and researched prospective literary agents. Shoot me now. I really hate Query Tracker because the format is geared to one manuscript. So, I got creative, cut and pasted my query and sent it along. I did hit pay dirt in July with a UK agent who requested my PDFs! My elation was short-lived, as she explained that her heart had to be all in, and she didn’t feel she was the right fit for representation. Hey, I wouldn’t have expected anything else. That said, I know that the query letter I wrote did its job, and captured the eye of an agent. At least now I know there’s a chance of landing the perfect agent for me. *Crossing fingers and toes*

Of course, I had many other mini goals throughout 2023, as I continued to chip away and plod through my author life. How about you? If you’re an author, did you reach many of your goals? If you’re a reader, did you realize what an author’s life entails? Would love to read your comments. Wishing you, and your loved ones, a safe and happy holiday season. Cheers!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by to check out what I've accomplished and what fell short for me in my author life. Wishing you happy holidays and all the success you can handle in your writing and personal life in the new year! Cheers!