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Book Tour: Blackflies and Blueberries, Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls, Book 2 by Sharon Ledwith...

Welcome to the 1-Week Virtual Book Tour for Blackflies and Blueberries (Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls, #2) by Sharon Ledwith!

About Blackflies and Blueberries:

The only witness left to testify against an unsolved crime in Fairy Falls isn’t a person…

City born and bred, Hart Stewart possesses the gift of psychometry—the psychic ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Since his mother’s death, seventeen-year-old Hart has endured homelessness, and has learned ways to keep his illiteracy under wraps. He eventually learns of a great-aunt living in Fairy Falls, and decides to leave the only life he’s ever known for an uncertain future. 

Diana MacGregor lives in Fairy Falls. Her mother was a victim of a senseless murder. Only Diana’s unanswered questions and her grief keeps her going, until Hart finds her mother’s lost ring and becomes a witness to her murder. 

Through Hart’s psychic power, Diana gains hope for justice. Their investigation leads them into the corrupt world threatening Fairy Falls. To secure the town’s future, Hart and Diana must join forces to uncover the shocking truth, or they risk losing the true essence of Fairy Falls forever.
Blackflies and Blueberries Cover:

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

Publish Date: May 17, 2019

Excerpt :

Donovan jumped up for the keys, but it was no use. Hard work may have given him an athletic build, but fate hadn’t been kind in the height department. At five foot six, he had no chance against Bean’s six foot frame. Brook, however, seemed to have a better idea. She plowed her elbow into Brett’s rib cage, making him cave instantly, and she snatched the keys out of his hand.
“Isn’t that bad karma for a self-proclaimed witch, Freak?” Brett asked, rubbing his ribs.
“Bad only if I hurt you for selfish reasons, Beanie-brain,” Brook cracked, passing Donovan the keys. “Come on, hero, let’s go find us a ring to make our girl smile.” Brook pushed Donovan past Brett and down the hall.
“I wouldn’t trust Johnson with my ride,” Brett said in a raised voice. “The only four wheels he’s managed to master is his skateboard, and even then he has a hard time making the curves.”
A chorus of guffaws erupted behind Brett. Diana peered around him. It was Brett’s pit crew of car club jerkies, all sporting the same clothes, same attitudes, and same egos. Brett bent down close to Diana. She could smell cigarettes on his black leather coat and his white T-shirt reeked of strong cologne. She crinkled her nose and tried to step back, but couldn’t. Her locker blocked her exit. Bravely, she swallowed hard, tasting the remnants of her medication, and glanced up to look Brett in the eye. His coffee-brown eyes held hers for a split second. He raked his wavy brown hair off his pimply forehead and smiled, showing off his straight, perfect white teeth, his reward for a few years of torture wearing braces during the last grades of elementary school. Brett parted his wide lips. His tongue darted out to caress them a way a snake would. He moved closer to Diana and craned his head down to her ear to whisper, “Diana, I know it must be hard for you today of all days. I know what it’s like to lose a parent. It sucks. I can comfort you, make you forget.”
Diana’s eyes widened. Forget? That did it. Being a pompous jackass was one thing, but openly propositioning her while telling her to forget about her mother was quite another.
In the time it took for her to exhale, Diana planted both hands firmly on Brett’s expansive chest. Brook mentioned that Brett had a nipple pierced the same day she had her nose done. She braced herself. Then, not knowing which one of his nipples were pierced, she positioned first her left hand and, feeling nothing, seized Brett’s left nipple with her right hand and twisted. His face broke out in a sweat, contorting grotesquely with each tweak she delivered. In seconds, he was down on his knees in front of her, his breathing harsh, his skin pallid.
Slowly, Diana bent her head down to Brett’s ear, so that only he could hear her whisper, “Your father, unlike my mother, died of a heart attack while doing the nasty with his secretary. So, no, you don’t know how hard it is for me today. Nor could you, or anyone else,” She released her hold on Brett, and pushed him away.
Brett scrambled to his feet, cupping his chest as though he’d been shot or stabbed, or both. Anger exploded across his face. Diana’s eyes darted from the left to the right. There was a crowd around them, holding out their cell phones while waiting for Brett’s comeback.
Brett lunged to make his move, but one of his buddies grabbed his shoulder. “Brett, teacher’s coming.”
Diana looked down the hall. Ms. Fisk was headed their way. Cloaked in an oversized white lab coat, her frizzy brown hair bounced wildly off her thick, black glasses. It made her look more like a frazzled, mad doctor than Diana’s grade eleven science teacher. The crowd splintered off into groups; some went down stairs, others went up. The rest fanned out toward their lockers, leaving Diana and Brett alone for the moment. As Ms. Fisk passed by, she nodded a curt ‘hello’ before entering the classroom closest to Diana’s right.
A shadow engulfed Diana’s whole body. Brett, now inches away from her, slammed his hand against her locker, making her wince. Diana’s stomach hardened. Brett’s breathing was shallow, his breath stale. “You sure have the nerve, judging my father, when your mother was probably out screwing around, too. If you ask me, MacGregor, your mother got what she deserved.”

Publisher:  Mirror World Publishing

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About the Author:

Escape to the past and have a blast

Sharon Ledwith is the author of the middle-grade/young adult time travel adventure series, THE LAST TIMEKEEPERS, and the teen psychic mystery series, MYSTERIOUS TALES FROM FAIRY FALLS. When not writing, researching, or revising, she enjoys reading, exercising, anything arcane, and an occasional dram of scotch. Sharon lives a serene, yet busy life in a southern tourist region of Ontario, Canada, with her hubby, one spoiled yellow Labrador and a moody calico cat.

Learn more about Sharon Ledwith at the following online places:

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Sharon’s Facebook Page:!/seledwith

Twitter: @sharonledwith

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Celebrating Victoria Day Long Weekend in the Best Way with the Release of Blackflies and Blueberries, Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls, Book 2…

A book launch is a BIG deal for an author. It’s the culmination of the blood, sweat, and tears needed to get his or her book into the hands of their readers. It’s no small feat either. So many people are involved in this process. At the start of any book launch, I include my dedication and acknowledgements to not only show my gratitude to those mentioned, but to reveal to all you readers out there that it takes a village to publish a book. So, without further ado, here are the people who have helped and inspired me to write Blackflies and Blueberries


For my brother, Gregg. Thank you for always supporting me and having my back throughout the journey of our lives. I truly appreciate you.


As always, life is a team effort and a cooperative venture. Nothing is done without the help and support of others. The following people are in some way connected to the fabric of this work, to which I am eternally grateful:

Thank you to the amazing owners and staff at Mirror World Publishing. To Justine Alley Dowsett, my kick-ass editor, and to her partner-in-life and words, as well as my line editor on this book, Robert Dowsett. Special thanks to Sabrina Wiese, who helps sell my reading wares at all those book fairs and events Mirror World Publishing attends throughout the year. I truly appreciate all your support, investment, and creative expertise during our journey together.

Thank you to my mother-in-law Alice ‘Toshy’ Ledwith, my inspiration for creating ‘Gertie Ellis’. I will always love you, and still miss you after all these years. A special thanks to Martin and Lynn Band, who supplied me with the photo of the tri-domed ‘Hobbit’ house on the cover, and to my first beta reader, Linda Toner Fisher, who offered some wonderful feedback to make this book better. And always, I’m so very grateful and blessed for my hubby Mike, my forever anchor.

A special shout out goes to Christine Hayton and Pamela Goldstein for whipping the tagline and blurb for this book into tip-top shape. Thank you for your expertise and camaraderie in this crazy writing business, ladies. A huge thank you goes out to my Authors Moving Forward group for their ongoing love and support, and especially to our fearless leader, Sloane Taylor who has kept this group going through her tireless passion and endless belief in all of us.
Last but not least, I want to thank all the women and men who volunteer as tutors at their local literacy counsels to help better the lives of others struggling with reading the most basic prose. You make this world a better place to live in through your kindness, generosity, dedication, and love of the written word.

Need some reading material for the long weekend? Here's a snippet of Blackflies and Blueberries, the second installment of Mysterious Tales from Falls teen psychic mystery series…

The only witness left to testify against an unsolved crime in Fairy Falls isn’t a person…

City born and bred, Hart Stewart possesses the gift of psychometry—the psychic ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Since his mother’s death, seventeen-year-old Hart has endured homelessness, and has learned ways to keep his illiteracy under wraps. He eventually learns of a great-aunt living in Fairy Falls, and decides to leave the only life he’s ever known for an uncertain future.

Diana MacGregor lives in Fairy Falls. Her mother was a victim of a senseless murder. Only Diana’s unanswered questions and her grief keeps her going, until Hart finds her mother’s lost ring and becomes a witness to her murder.

Through Hart’s psychic power, Diana gains hope for justice. Their investigation leads them into the corrupt world threatening Fairy Falls. To secure the town’s future, Hart and Diana must join forces to uncover the shocking truth, or they risk losing the true essence of Fairy Falls forever.
Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls Teen Psychic Mystery Series:
Lost and Found, Book One Buy Links:
Blackflies and Blueberries, Book Two Buy Links:

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Guest Post: Stop the Plane and Order Me a Carriage by Regency Author Susan Lodge...

Wedged in the middle seat of the middle row of a 747 for upwards of twelve hours, my mind dwelt on the fact that bobbing along in a post chaise, or swinging in a hammock below decks, could not be much more agonizing then traveling economy on a long haul flight. I used to enjoy airplanes. I could happily gaze from the window seat marveling at anything that appeared through a chink in the clouds. But one flight to Australia was a test of both mind and body.

It all starts go wrong at check in. I cannot secure a window seat, the flight is delayed and when we finally get to board...

Gripe 1. The trek through business class to get to economy.

I openly salivate over the spacious seating in business class as we are herded down the isle to steerage. The occupants of those designer cubicles tantalizingly stretch their limbs and flex their toes as we pass. I avoid their apologetic eyes and pitying smiles.

Gripe 2. Hand baggage

This appears to have evolved in the last few years from modest shoulder bag to sturdy case complete with wheels. As they are being hoisted, with a great deal of grunting and thrusting into overhead lockers that are clearly not built to accommodate them, the boarding process reduces to snail pace. Why do they need that much hand baggage ? There's not room to swing a cat let alone unpack and utilize a case full of gear.

Gripe 3. Invasion of space.

The passengers sitting either side of me have claimed the hand rests rendering me straitjacketed in seat. Even worse a rogue foot is gradually edging its way into my allotted leg space. I try to stem the steam from my ears and reflect how lucky I was on my last flight when I sat next to the perfect passenger. He was totally besotted with his female companion and they seemed to merge together in one seat- thereby leaving me a nice lot of space. Not sure what he was trying to achieve in such a restricted area. But if they were fidgeting (so to speak) they were at least being quiet about it.

Gripe 4. Reclining seats

I have the desire to lop something heavy into the seat in front when it falls back into my already limited personal space. Batman Returns is now being viewed two inches from my face. I can't focus on the screen so switch it off, put my head back and try to relax.

Gripe 5. Touch screens attached to back of seats .

I don't begrudge the small person behind using their touch screen even though they have not quite mastered the art. The incessant tattooing vibrates on the back of my head. After fifteen minutes it is clear they can find nothing to amuse them on the TV or film menus. The assault stops and I hold my breath willing them to go to sleep - but alas they have become bored and proceed to drum their feet on back of my seat. My unscheduled full body massage is now complete.

Gripe 6.  Food.

I manipulate the multiple contents of tray carefully, arranging the most promising item in secure position. However as I unpack the plastic cutlery I decide to take Food off gripe list. Its arrival has caused the person in front to get their seat out of my face and the tattooing on the back of my head to stop.

There is, of course, an upside to this journey.

As the plane transports me to the other side of the world, my fellow passengers doze off. Ah bliss - I can now switch on my Kindle and in my forced confinement escape to my own private library.

Now, let's get back to the travel in Regency times. There was a particular coach journey that Esmie Elstone has nightmares about, whilst she endeavoured to escape the repercussions of an unfortunate wager.

Indulge in a bit of romantic intrigue with my latest release.

Esmie Elstone is thrown into panic when she hears of Captain Rockford’s return. But she is determined that the days of him interfering with her life are over. His ruthless meddling during his last visit had resulted in her being foisted on her aunt for a third pointless season in London.

To alleviate the boredom of society life, Esmie helps run a discreet betting enterprise under the guise of a sewing club. But there are some things you just shouldn’t wager on, and Esmie’s integrity is soon put to a dangerous test.

Richard Rockford had known Esmie almost all her life. As neighbours, her father, Admiral Elstone, had depended on Richard to keep an eye on his daughter when he was away at sea – a responsibility he had always taken on willingly. But her cruel and thoughtless actions, from the day he had left four years earlier, had shaken him. Now, he was back, and he wanted answers.

But when Esmie tumbles into a treacherous conspiracy, can he really turn his back on her?

Susan Lodge’s first publishing success was a story purchased by a major UK magazine followed by a drawer full of rejections. Finally a breakthrough gave her the confidence to seek and secure a publisher for her historical romance novels Only a Hero Will Do and Rebellious Cargo.

After working in several cities including London and Bristol, she and her husband moved down to the Hampshire coast to raise their family.

Learn more about Susan and her books on her website and blog. Stay connected on  Facebook, Twitter and her Amazon Author Page.

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Blueberry Breakfast Goodies by Author Chris Pavesic...

In anticipation for my upcoming release, Blackflies and Blueberries, Book 2 of Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls teen psychic mystery series this May, I’ve invited author friend, Chris Pavesic to invade my virtual kitchen and create her mouth-watering Blueberry Muffins for this special occasion. That said, Chris is a talented author in her own right (or write – LOL), so I’ve asked her to share her recent young adult fantasy LitRPG book with us today. Take it away, Chris, the kitchen is all yours…

When writing it is nice to have some quick & easy recipes to make for my family. Because of the fresh, local fruit and yogurt these muffins are healthier than most and go terrific with a cup of hot coffee.

The muffins are naturally sweetened with seasonal, local fruit (blueberries.) A touch of sugar is added to help cream the butter and is also sprinkled on top. You can eat them warm or prepare them the day before for a breakfast treat.

Chris Pavesic’s Quick & Easy Blueberry Muffins

½ cup butter, softened
¼ cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tsp. baking powder
¼ tsp. salt
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup vanilla yogurt
2½ cups fresh blueberries
1 tbsp. granulated sugar for topping extra butter for greasing the muffin pan

PREHEAT oven to 350° F.

GREASE muffin pan with butter.

MIX butter until creamy in a medium-size bowl. Add sugar and beat until pale and fluffy.

ADD eggs, beating well.

STIR in vanilla, baking powder, and salt.

WITH spoon, fold in half of flour then half of yogurt into batter; repeat. Fold in blueberries. There is no need to over-mix it.

SPOON into muffin cups and sprinkle sugar topping onto each muffin.

BAKE 15 to 20 minutes, until golden brown and springy to touch.

Enjoy a brief glimpse into my latest novel Travelers Zone , book two in The Revelation Chronicles series, while you delight in your muffins.

Above the tree line floats an airship close to three hundred feet long with a slightly rounded wooden hull. Ropes attach the lower portion of the ship to an inflated balloon-like aspect, bright white in color with an identification symbol, a red bird with white-tipped feathers extended in flight, inside a round yellow circle in the center of the canvas. The deck is manned with archers and swordsmen. There are two sets of fore and aft catapults.

What I don’t see are cannons or any other type of a gun large enough to account for the sound of the explosion.

The ship pivots in the air, coming around to point directly at what looks like an oncoming flock of five large birds. Or creatures. They are too big and too strange looking to be birds. They drift closer, flapping their wings.

A moment passes before I realize that they are not creatures either. They are some sort of gliders. A person hangs below each set of the feathered wings, which flap and move with mechanical precision in a sky washed out by the morning sun.

The archers nock their arrows and aim at the flock.

The gliders draw in their wings and dive toward the deck, covering the distance in a few heartbeats. Most of the arrows fly uselessly past the attack force and fall like black rain from the sky. The archers aimed and released the volley too late.

The forward catapult releases a torrent of small rocks at the lead glider. It is a scatter-shot approach that proves effective. There are so many missiles that it is impossible to dodge them all.

But at the moment the stones strike, the other four let loose with fireballs. Spheres of crackling flame spring from their hands, glowing faintly at first and then with increasing brightness. The balls of fire shoot from their hands like bullets from a gun and fly toward the ship, exploding. Pieces bounce off the hull and fall to the ground, throwing hissing, burning globs of magic-fueled fire in all directions, setting everything they touch aflame.

Want to learn more about The Revelation Chronicles? Click HERE for updates on this and the other series by Chris. Watch the video on YouTube. 4eee6-chris2bpavesic2bauthor2bphotoChris Pavesic is a fantasy author who lives in the Midwestern United States and loves Kona coffee, steampunk, fairy tales, and all types of speculative fiction. Between writing projects, Chris can most often be found reading, gaming, gardening, working on an endless list of DIY household projects, or hanging out with friends.

Learn more about Chris on her website and blog. Stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, and her Amazon Author Page.

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Get Ready for Gardening Season with Author Emma Lane...

Gardens grow of their own volition. You labor with the lay out and lovingly place the plants. By the third year, your garden has selected what it will and will not accept. But it’s gorgeous, healthy and you wouldn’t change a single thing. (Okay, maybe you’ll move that fragrant dianthus in front of that balloon flower which is taller.) Some of it is your fault because you couldn’t resist that church sale and your neighbor shared several perennials. Status normal. Allow your garden nostalgia. You show it off by saying, “I got that one for next to nothing on sale, Susan Smith gave me that one when she moved to Florida, I miss her so! My mother-in-law finally broke down and shared that rose. Would you believe how she can make cuttings and root them?” This iris came from … and that one came from…

SEASONAL: Do plan spring shrubs/bulbs which are so welcome. Fall red/yellow leaves.

INVASIVE: When someone mentions the plant is invasive, believe it! I love the golden blooms of Rudbeckia Goldstrum, but it will take over if given the chance. Plant it way over there where you can mow it if need be; same with any sort of mint.

PARTNERSHIPS: Delphenium back up to fences almost poetically, a partnership. Peonies are almost small bushes. I love to make a back ground hedge row from them. Yellow coreopsis and red yarrow are made in heaven for hot colors.

FRIENDSHIP: The deer, rabbits, groundhog, the neighbor’s pets, etc have destroyed some of your hard work? This is your opportunity to share and discover new friends. What better way to become acquainted? You’ll learn to laugh and maybe learn new gardening secrets while you commiserate.

Now that your garden is all you want it to be, take a good book and relax in all that beauty. May I suggest one of my Regency releases?

Can an arrogant duke overcome his prejudice against a beautiful but managing female in time to find true love and happiness?

Miss Amabel Hawkins acknowledges her unusual upbringing, but she thinks James Langley, the Duke of Westerton, might be a tad unbalanced when he protests her efforts to right his badly managed properties. The duke, who has been away on the king's business, demonstrates no respect for the beautiful but managing Miss Hawkins. Amabel has taken refuge at Westerton, fleeing from a forced marriage to a man who claims to be her relative in order to gain control of her young brother's estate.

The Duke arrives home to find his estate under the firm control of a beautiful but managing female. His suspicions are fueled by his recent task of spy-hunting and he wonders if Amabel Hawkins is just who she seems. While a dastardly spy lurks, a wicked man poses as her cousin threatening to take over the guardianship of her young brother. Amabel might be falling in love, but she knows for certain the duke would never approve of a meddlesome woman, and she decides to flee his estate. Will the duke finally realize the true value of the woman he loves or will his prejudice ruin his chances forever?


Fatigue and the effects of the brandy on top of the ale now gave his gait a distinct wobble. He chuckled, amused at his condition.

As he reached for the portrait of great Uncle Barney, he lurched into the back of the red leather sofa in front of the cosy fire. “Deuce take it,” he exclaimed when a rounded arm rolled into view. He spotted the gentle curve of a hip and walked around to the front, where he spied a tumbled haze of dark curls hiding a face. It is indeed a female—a sleeping female.

Who was she? The gown was too rich for his household staff. Curious, he knelt beside the sofa. “Only one way to find out,” he whispered and moved one dark curl. He sat back, satisfied when a handsome face swam into view. She sighed and rolled over, revealing a generous figure and a pair of rosy lips. She might be Sleeping Beauty—but not one of my relatives. He leaned over and kissed those tempting lips.

As he lingered there, she sighed and came partially awake. He could not resist. He deepened the kiss and sounds of satisfaction like yum and umm came from those delicious lips. Her hand stroked his face, then reached around his head to pull him closer. Delighted with this turn of events, the Duke of Westerton complied enthusiastically and extended an arm around a slender waist. How much of the ale and brandy had he imbibed? Dizziness overcame his senses as he slid down on the floor and knew no more.

Emma Lane is a gifted author who writes under several pen-names. She lives with her patient husband on several acres outside a typical American village in Western New York. Her day job is working with flowers at her son’s plant nursery. Look for information about writing and plants on her new website. Leave a comment or a gardening question and put a smile on Emma's face.

Stay connected to Emma on Facebook and Twitter.

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Book Tour: Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese by Regan W. H. Macaulay...

Mirror World Publishing presents a 1-week virtual book tour for Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese Written by Regan W.H. Macaulay and Illustrated by Alex Zgud!

About Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese:

Beverlee Beaz, the brown Burmese, longs for adventure and has the powerful imagination to make it happen. On a lovely, but otherwise ordinary day, she seeks excitement among the forests and fields surrounding her home. The ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary in the eyes of this wildly creative little brown cat.

Follow Beverlee on her adventure through the forest, over the hills… and into the world of her imagination!

Exclusive Excerpt: 

"She spotted a bright orange and black butterfly."

Book Details:
Page Count: 48
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Tags: Fantasy, Imagination, Farm Animals
Publisher: Mirror World Publishing
Publish Date: April 17, 2019

Purchase Links:

Mirror World Publishing

Meet the Author:

Regan W. H. Macaulay writes novels, short stories, children’s literature, and scripts. Writing is her passion, but she’s also a producer and director of theatre, film, and television. She is an animal-enthusiast as well, which led her to become a Certified Canine (and Feline) Massage Therapist. Other award-winning picture storybooks by Regan W. H. Macaulay include Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese, Sloth the Lazy Dragon, and Tamara Turtle’s Life So Far. She is also the author of The Trilogy of Horrifically Half-baked Ham which includes Space Zombies! (based on her film, Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem!—available on iTunes and on DVD), They Suck, and Horror at Terror Creek.

Social Media:

Meet the Artist:

Alex Zgud is an artist from rural Ontario, currently living in Calgary. She attended the Ontario College of Art & Design, where she majored in drawing and painting, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After finishing school she went on to begin a tattoo apprenticeship, and has since been developing her skills as a tattoo artist. Her preferred media are inks and watercolours.

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Cover Reveal: Blackflies and Blueberries, Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls, Book 2...

Mirror World Publishing presents the cover reveal for Blackflies and Blueberries 
(Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls, #2) by Sharon Ledwith!

About Blackflies and Blueberries:

The only witness left to testify against an unsolved crime in Fairy Falls isn’t a person…

City born and bred, Hart Stewart possesses the gift of psychometry—the psychic ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Since his mother’s death, seventeen-year-old Hart has endured homelessness, and has learned ways to keep his illiteracy under wraps. He eventually learns of a great-aunt living in Fairy Falls, and decides to leave the only life he’s ever known for an uncertain future. 

Diana MacGregor lives in Fairy Falls. Her mother was a victim of a senseless murder. Only Diana’s unanswered questions and her grief keeps her going, until Hart finds her mother’s lost ring and becomes a witness to her murder. 

Through Hart’s psychic power, Diana gains hope for justice. Their investigation leads them into the corrupt world threatening Fairy Falls. To secure the town’s future, Hart and Diana must join forces to uncover the shocking truth, or they risk losing the true essence of Fairy Falls forever.

Blackflies and Blueberries Cover:

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal

Publish Date: May 17, 2019

Publisher:  Mirror World Publishing

Monday, 8 April 2019

A Writer’s Best Friend: An Osteopath…

Have you ever had a treatment from an Osteopath? Wait…what? No? Well, if you’re a writer like me who spends a good portion of the day sitting at a desk, body parts can get a little stiff, and over time can actually get ‘programmed’ into being ‘stuck’. Neck stiffness, back and shoulder aches, and even hips hurt after putting in a good day of writing. Yes, I get up to move and stretch after a set amount of time (around 20-30 minutes), but the stiffness and pain lingers long after the book is finished. So what can you do to ‘deprogram’ those muscles and get balance back your body? An Osteopath can help you with that!

In essence, Osteopathy is a holistic form of healing which emphasizes the interrelationship between structure and function of the human body. Osteopathic Manual Practitioners believe that human illnesses are rooted in problems with the musculoskeletal system, and that hands-on manipulation can solve these problems and effect a cure by harnessing the body’s own healing potential. No drugs. No excruciating exercises. No sweat.

Sign. Me. Up.

So how does osteopathy work? The following techniques are used to get to the ‘root’ of the patient’s problem, and to help the patient enjoy a pain-free (or almost pain-free) life:

Myofascial Release is a manipulative treatment that attempts to release tension in the fascia (connective tissues surrounding the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs) due to trauma, posture, or inflammation. Trust me, some of us writers need TLC when it comes to our posture!

Muscle Energy Technique is based on the principle of reciprocal inhibition, a theory that explains that muscles on one side of a joint will always relax to accommodate the contraction of muscles on the other side of that joint when indirect pressure is applied. This technique is usually utilized in order to lengthen shortened or spastic muscles, to improve weakened ligament and muscle strength, and to improve range of motion.

Oscillatory Osteoarticular Release involves gently moving two joint surfaces to reduce muscle spasms, ease neurological irritations, assist in joint mobility, and help reduce pain and discomfort. This technique allows the body to relax and prevents it from activating protective mechanisms like muscle spasms.

Counterstrain is a manual therapy technique, meaning the osteopath uses only his or her hands to treat muscle and joint pain and dysfunction. This is an effective but extremely gentle technique because its action for treatment moves the patient’s body away from the painful, restricted directions of motion.

Cranial Sacral Therapy originates from a concept explored in the 1900s by Osteopath Doctor William Sutherland that the bones of the cranium move amongst each other and can create pressure on the brain. In this technique, the role of an Osteopath is not to forcibly correct the body, but rather to encourage the body to correct itself, which leads to a more fundamental change and often disappearance of chronic symptoms.

Ligamentous Articular Release is a manipulative technique in which the goal of treatment is to balance the tension in opposing ligaments where there is abnormal tension present. This treatment modality aims to reset the balance point of the joint complex and relieve any abnormal tension causing a variety of symptoms including pain and abnormalities in balance.

Jeff Parker getting ready to manipulate me.
In a GOOD way!
I’ve been treated for almost a year now, using a few of these awesome techniques by my Manuel Practitioner, Jeff Parker, and have no doubt in my body and mind that this healing avenue works wonders. Since visiting Jeff, my knee pain has subsided 90% (I’ve got severe osteoarthritis in my left knee due to a sports injury), and he’s taken care of some nasty back spasms due to a soft tissue injury. Though my body fights me on some issues (neck stiffness and shoulder pain from my writing career) it’s starting to ‘deprogram’ itself and looks for the balance I need. Nature, after all, always seeks balance.

Have you ever had a session with an Osteopath? If so, what was your experience like? If not, then, if you’re suffering with body pain, I urge you to check an Osteopath out in your area. It may be just what the doctor ordered. Would love to read your input and comments. Cheers, and thank you for spending time with me by reading my blog!

Monday, 1 April 2019

Carpe Diem by Author Catherine Castle...

The other day while perusing an antique mall, I came across a little wooden plaque engraved with what I thought were the words Carpe Diem. Reminded of the movie Dead Poets Society, in which the phrase carpe diem played a role, as well as one of my favorite actors Robin Williams who starred in the movie, I picked up the plaque. Upon closer inspection I saw the words were not carpe diem, but Carpe Diet.

What a clever play on the phrase, I thought, and good advice as well, especially since I have a need to seize my own diet. I put the plaque down, but continued to think about the word carpe and its importance in our lives. The idea of seizing something has a hopeful element to it. When we seize a day, a moment, or a job the chances of doing something special or having something important happen in our lives increases. The big prizes in life go to those who are willing to take a chance and seize the brass ring as they pass by it.

As writers we need to seize several things if we are to accomplish our goals. We need to:

• Seize the dream. Without a dream we have nothing to strive for. I love the song from the musical South Pacific called Happy Talk. The lyrics ask if we don’t have a dream then how are we going to make a dream come true? Good question.

• Seize the motivation. You can dream all you like, but without the motivation to make that dream a reality, it will never become more than a dream. Editors aren’t knocking our doors down. We have to knock on theirs. So do it.

• Seize the day. Find a day, or any part of a day or week or month or year, to work on making your dream come true. If you don’t write the words, no one can read them.

• Seize the prize. Before you reach the goal of publication there are many prizes you can reach for along the way such as contest wins, non-fiction sales to magazines or newspapers, invitations to blog on someone’s site, making friends with other writers who know what you are going through, discovering people who like your blogs or follow your blogs, and grabbing the prize of writing THE END! All are reasons for celebrating. So enjoy all the little accomplishments that come before your first book sale.

• Seize the success. Success can be a long time coming. While you’re waiting keep writing those books and sending out those queries. Sooner or later, if you’ve given it your all and learned your craft well, you will seize the success you’ve strived for.

So, don’t give up, and along the way, don’t forget to seize the chocolate—in moderation if you’re on that diet I referenced earlier.

Here's a peek into my latest sweet romance. I hope you enjoy it.

One date for every medical test—that’s the deal. Allison, however, gets more than she bargains for. She gets a Groom for Mama.

Beverly Walters is dying, and before she goes she has one wish—to find a groom for her daughter. To get the deed done, Mama enlists the dating service of Jack Somerset, Allison’s former boyfriend.

The last thing corporate-climbing Allison wants is a husband. Furious with Mama’s meddling, and a bit more interested in Jack than she wants to admit, Allison agrees to the scheme as long as Mama promises to search for a cure for her terminal illness.

A cross-country trip from Nevada to Ohio ensues, with a string of disastrous dates along the way, as the trio hunts for treatment and A Groom For Mama.


With a sweep of his hand, Jack spread the photos out on the table in front of Allison and Beverly. “Here’s a few I just grabbed from the database. Any of them interesting?” He studied Allison’s reaction. She didn’t bat an eyelash as she scanned the men’s pictures. Then, without warning, she scooped them up and shoved them at him.

“I told Mama I wasn’t going to do this. It’s a stupid idea.”

“I’ll admit it’s not the ‘some enchanted evening, see a stranger across the room’ romantic way to find a husband, but it’s not totally unacceptable. Several of the couples my company has brought together have married.”

“And lived happily ever after?” she retorted.

“It’s a new company, Allison. I don’t have the stats yet.” He pushed the photos across the table. “Just take a peek. What harm can it do?”

Beverly grabbed the photo of a particularly handsome man. “How about this one? His coloring complements yours. You’d have beautiful children.”

"Mama!” Allison snatched the photo away. “We’re not going to discuss my possible, yet unlikely, progeny in front of Jack.”

A flash of Allison kissing this guy flew through his head. He grabbed the photo from her. “He’s not your type anyway.”

“And just how do you know?” she asked.

“I dated you, remember? You ditched me for some suave, corporate hotshot. At least it’s what you said.”

“Allison!” Beverly exclaimed. “You never told me that.”

Allison shot him a fierce scowl. “I’m not comfortable discussing my love life with you, Mama. Besides, what’s done and over with should be buried . . . in the past.” She picked up another photo. “What about him? Or him and him?” She pointed to two nerdy-looking fellows. “They seem corporate.”

Mama leaned over and checked out the pictures Allison had indicated. “Too ugly,” she said. “He’s got to be handsome. Like Jack. I want to know my grandbabies will be as beautiful as you two.”

He grinned. “Thanks for the compliment, but I know I’m not your daughter’s type.” He laid a sheet of paper on the counter. “Fill this out. Then I can get a better idea of what you want in a husband.”

“I don’t want—”

“I know,” he interjected. “But, for your mom’s sake, just pretend you do.”

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Multi-award-winning author Catherine Castle has been writing all her life. A former freelance writer, she has over 600 articles and photographs to her credit (under her real name) in the Christian and secular market. Now she writes sweet and inspirational romance. Her debut inspirational romantic suspense, The Nun and the Narc, from Soul Mate Publishing, has garnered multiple contests finals and wins.

Catherine loves writing, reading, traveling, singing, watching movies, and the theatre. In the winter she loves to quilt and has a lot of UFOs (unfinished objects) in her sewing case. In the summer her favorite place to be is in her garden. She’s passionate about gardening and even won a “Best Hillside Garden” award from the local gardening club.

Learn more about Catherine Castle on her website and blog. Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check out Catherine’s Amazon author page and her Goodreads page. You can also find Catherine on Stitches Thru Time and the SMP authors blog site.

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Jump into a Romantic Read this Spring with The Star-Crossed Seamstress by Suzanne G. Rogers...

Romance at its finest with this new release from the incomparable Suzanne G. Rogers. This beautifully written sure-to-be-bestseller is an historical romance that will touch your heart as it sweeps you away to an era long gone.

Skylar flees a family scandal in Boston, expecting assistance in society from her English relatives. Once her plans fall apart, however, she is obliged to earn money with her skills as a seamstress. Just when she’s given up on the notion of marriage, her path crosses that of a charming laborer who inexplicably sets her pulse racing.

When wealthy Joe Fiddick hits a patch of bad luck, he seizes the opportunity to do something meaningful by helping a neighbor and her pretty granddaughter with repairs to their cottage. As it turns out, he has more in common with the granddaughter than he realizes…and what they share spells disaster for their budding romance.

Will Joe and Skylar be star-crossed lovers or can the rift between them be mended?


“Let’s start with the window in your workroom,” Joe said. “It can’t open and close properly because the hinges are rusted?”

Skylar nodded. “Yes. I should dearly love to have fresh air, but I cannot seem to force it open.”

He recoiled. “Insupportable! You cannot perspire over a petticoat or suffocate over a seam!”

Skylar couldn’t suppress a giggle. “Or gasp over a gown.”

His eyes crinkled at the corners. “Or faint over a fichu.”

“Or swoon over a sash.” Joe chuckled.

“Or pant over a pantaloon.”

“Or…or…become clammy over a coat.” She wrinkled her nose. “I suppose that last one wasn’t very good.”

“On the contrary, I thought it was splendid. In addition, since I’d just exhausted my cleverness, you win the game.” He made a gesture of invitation. “Will you show me to the window in question?”

“Indeed, I shall. Follow me.”

As Skylar led him into the cottage and down the hall, she had a smile on her lips. Joe was only a laborer, perhaps, but obviously he was possessed of wit as well as good looks. Even though he was poor and lowborn, she imagined he must cause quite a stir in his neighborhood.

In the workroom, Joe unlatched the window, gave it an experimental push, and peered at the hinges. “I’m going to need to pop out the pins on these hinges and sand off the rust. After a drop or two of oil, the window will give you no reason to complain.”

“I hope you’re right.”

When she leaned in closer to examine the hinges, his physical proximity made the fine hair on her forearms stand on end. Her eyes met his and for several heartbeats it was if something unspoken passed between them.

She cleared her throat. “I see what you mean about the rust.”

The Star-Crossed Seamstress can be read alone or as part of The Mannequin Series.

The Mannequin (Book One) is available at your favorite bookstore here.
Grace Unmasked (Book Two) is available at your favorite bookstore here.

Suzanne G. Rogers lives with her husband and son in romantic Savannah, Georgia, on an island populated by deer, exotic birds, and the occasional gator. She's owned by two Sphynx cats, Houdini and Nikita. Movies, books, and writing are her passions.

Learn more about Suzanne G. Rogers on her historical romance blog and her fantasy blog. Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter. Also, be sure to check out the website for the Sweet Romance written by Suzanne G. Rogers.

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Book Tour: The Gimmal Ring by Karen Koski...

She wants the ring and she wants it bad!

Book Details:

Title: The Gimmal Ring
Author: Karen Koski

Page Count: 124

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Adventure, Middle Grade

Publisher: Mirror World Books

About The Gimmal Ring:

Gwendolyn Gimmal desperately wants an invitation to the mysterious Gimmal Gala where her family’s coveted ring is bestowed upon new inductees. It’s not that she particularly likes bling, but because she knows it will unlock exciting secrets and reveal what she believes will be her true life’s path. Her younger brother, Gage, also wants to attend the party, but mostly for the food.

After finding her way into the hidden gala, Gwen learns that The Gimmal Ring is not only a piece of jewellery, but also a secret society of people. Things go awry when their parents are kidnapped from the Gala and held for ransom. Gwen and her brother must solve the clues and find the hidden formula the kidnappers have demanded by midnight, or they will never see their family members again. 

Their newly discovered enhanced abilities, while fun, are not completely reliable. Cracking newspaper codes, deciphering invisible maps, and playing a high stakes game of Enigma Machine Twister, are just some of the challenges they must overcome if they are to succeed in time. The adventure starts when they flush themselves in The Tele-Potti, a teleporting commode, and it all goes down the drain from there.

Read an Excerpt:

Gwen got ready to go to her aunt and uncle’s house, as she did every day after school.  Her dad usually got home late.  Her mom, like always, was gone. Gwen knew that her aunt would be baking up delicious treats for her mail order cookie and tea business. If she timed it right, she would get to sample the latest creations. She put on her shoes and tied them to just the right snugness.  Then she put on her backpack, adjusted the straps to distribute the staggering weight of her advanced textbooks so she wouldn’t topple over. She affixed a baseball cap over her unruly auburn hair at just the right angle to avoid sun exposure on her pale skin. Never too early to prevent wrinkles, she thought. She did a couple of calf raises and shrugged her shoulders, warming up her muscles for the journey. Leaving the outside light on, she exited the side door, locked it, took a deep breath, and set off in the direction of her aunt’s house.
Exactly twenty-two and a half steps later, Gwen let herself into the side entrance that led directly into the pantry. Like a snake shedding its skin, Gwen slithered out of her backpack and coat, and left them in a pile on the floor, where they would stay until she begged her Uncle Stan to give her a ride home.  The smell of cookies lured her into the kitchen. Through the smoke, she could make out the shape of her Aunt Gerri standing at the stove working her magic.

“Fire in the hole!” Aunt Gerri yelled.
Gwen ducked as a pot lid zipped by and narrowly missed her eyebrows that had just grown back. At least all that time practicing my ninja moves came in handy, somewhere,  she thought. She belly-crawled to the safety of the kitchen island and hid behind it until the sparks stopped flying.  Gwen never felt more at home than she did right here.  Even after the crushing disappointment of her brother discovering her hiding spot, again, and the dreadful day she had had at school, Gwen was comforted by the familiar smoke and flying objects in this kitchen.

Staring out the window, Gwen let her mind wander as she watched Gage balance on rocks while attempting to cross Coghill Creek. Their houses were located on sloping, treed lots with a creek that flowed past at the back of the properties. The stream emptied into Lake Erie at the southernmost part of Kingsville, the small town where generations of her family had always lived.  He wobbled once, twice, and then lost the battle as his sneaker-clad foot dunked into the water up to his ankle.  Gage owned rubber boots but he refused to wear them, saying “That was like admitting defeat before you even started”. So instead Gage had the largest, smelliest, wet shoe collection going. Usually watching her brother acting like an idiot was enough to distract her, but not today. Her mind kept replaying the humiliating events of the day. It had all started when Gwen got to school this morning.  It was raining, her hair frizzed and her glasses fogged.  Gwen attempted to navigate the busy hallways peering through her misty glasses. The bell rang and Gwen rushed to class. BIG mistake! Before she knew what was happening, she bounced off of something. Her books went flying and her shoes made a loud, moist squeak.  “I am sooo sor...” Gwen’s apology stopped short when she realized who she had run into. It was Nicole, the self- appointed leader of the popular girls.  Gwen dove onto the ground to retrieve her books.

Nicole glared. “Honestly Gwen, you shouldn’t break wind in public. It’s not very ladylike.”  Nicole watched Gwen’s horrified expression with pleasure. “Perhaps if you did something with that mess you call hair, you would be able to see where you were going.”

Gwen was too mortified to point out that it was her foggy glasses and not her hairdo that was to blame. She fled to the bathroom to scrape together what was left of her dignity. Not a great start to her day, and it only got worse.

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Meet the Author:

Karen Koski writes stories set in magical Windsor and Essex County, Ontario where she was born and raised. Karen’s love of a good mystery inspired her to become a licensed Private Investigator. She is intrigued by anything that is not what it appears to be.

Karen resides in Windsor, Ontario with her husband, two daughters and a Moose.

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