Thursday 20 October 2011

So Many Choices, So Little Time ...

Musa Publishing
Euterpe ~ Young Adult
I’ve got a dilemma. On October 21st, 2011 – tomorrow folks – Musa Publishing’s YA Imprint Euterpe debuts. My problem? I have as yet to purchase an ereader to download all these wonderful books I know that are coming down the virtual pipeline. I plan to ask Santa Claus for an ereader this Christmas, which takes off some of the pressure, but which brand do I need?

So, I hopped on my black shiny steed (read – computer), and I’ve journeyed to the different websites to peruse their wares, learnt many things, got my mind boggled with some, looked at all those lovely accessories that go with each unique ereader, and still I’m as confused as ever. Then – do I want to limit myself to one on-line store? Or go for a tablet that has social networking, downloading and email capability? Woe is me!

Now, on the cusp of Euterpe’s grand opening, with a new stable of authors selling their new books, I sit patiently and wait for a solution – that elusive ereader that will fit my lifestyle to a tee. So, my apologies go to – Arely Cole, author of The Blacksmith’s Daughter, Linda Benson, author of The Girl who Listened to Horses, and Stephanie Campbell, author of First Dragon – you’re all on my wish list for great books to download ASAP. Sigh.

The best advice I can ask is your advice. If you own an ereader, what brand of do you have, and why.

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