Monday, 17 October 2011

Authors In The Limelight: Arley Cole

The Blacksmith's Daughter

Since this is my first author interview, I wanted to define what ‘being in the limelight’ means: "in the full glare of public attention.” So, it is with great privilege to shine the limelight on today’s guest author, Arley Cole whose book, The Blacksmith’s Daughter will be released through Musa Publishing on Friday, October 21st.

Sharon: How long have you been writing, Arley?

Arley: I wrote my first story in first grade. It was a play about Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I was also addicted to those pages they used to give us that had a blank space at the top for an illustration and lines at the bottom to write the story. I filled a world of those!!

Sharon: Where did you get your idea and inspiration to write The Blacksmith’s Daughter?
Arley: At the risk of sounding like Stephenie Meyer, I did indeed dream the first major scene of The Blacksmith's Daughter! But I dream a lot of stuff. I dreamed one night that I was going to blow up the Death Star but ran up on the food court where all my students (teaching college at the time) were working at the Chick-Fil-A to pay for school, so I had to get them off first. Then I blew up the Death Star. My dreams are legendary around our house!

Sharon: What sets The Blacksmith’s Daughter apart from other books in the same genre?
Arley: As far as the YA angle, I think it is different because it does not star young people. The protagonists are all in their late twenties/early thirties. However, they are all dealing with issues of finding out who they are and what their role is in their world. So I think that makes it appealing to a YA audience. Also, it contains both a fair amount of romance for the romance lovers and a fair amount of violence for the action lovers. Plus, the magical system in this book is not like anything I've run across lately. I have had a lot of fun developing it.

Sharon: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish The Blacksmith’s Daughter?
Arley: Well, when I finished the manuscript for The Blacksmith's Daughter I was not working full time, so it took about 6 weeks start to finish with a week off for Thanksgiving. Now I am a wage slave and it takes more time! I do spend time plotting while doing housework, especially ironing.

Sharon: Do you have any advice for other writers?
Arley: Write all you can. There are so many great places to post your work for feedback and review. Don't let your stuff just sit on your hard drive. Take a chance and let somebody read it. That's how you'll get better!

Sharon: What’s next for Arley Cole the author?
Arley: I sure would like to quit my day job!! Then I would have plenty of time to iron and write The Merchant's Son---sequel to The Blacksmith's Daughter---and finish my regency Little Season and work on several other projects I've got in the lineup. But right now, I want to get The Blacksmith's Daughter on everybody's e-reader!!!

Now that sounds like a plan! I want to thank Arley Cole for taking the time to answer a few questions about her new book, The Blacksmith’s Daughter. You can help Arley quit her day job by purchasing her e-book at your favorite on-line bookstore!

The Blacksmith’s Daughter - Musa Publishing, October 21st

The Blacksmith’s Daughter - Musa Publishing, October 21


  1. what a great interview!! Thank you Sharon, for introducing Arley and getting my interest up for The Blacksmith's Daughter!! I will be adding it to my ereader soon!

  2. I have to say...I might possibly have fallen a little bit in love with Acwellen. He's smart, and he's so good to Enith. Sigh...

  3. Arley, would you be offended if someone wrote a "missing moment" fanfic about your book? You know which moment I mean...