Monday 24 October 2011

The Joy of Purging

Something must be in the air. It’s infectious. It’s freeing. It’s exhausting. And I think it always happens around this time of year. I’m talking about purging. The dictionary defines purging as to cleanse or to rid of impurities, foreign matter, or undesirable elements. Yes, I would agree. Just open a junk drawer and you get the meaning loud and clear. Look at any tree with leaves, and they do it naturally. Purging gives you a clean slate, and a new way of looking at your life. It also makes room for new things and opportunities to come.

In order to grow and evolve, the old stuff must be purged to make way for the new and improved stuff. As an author, this is tough advice to take. I mean, getting rid of words I’ve written with my blood, sweat and tears? Killing my darlings? Cutting away those adverbs and adjectives? Stripping away the worthless scenes – even if you like them? Be still my beating heart! But in truth, this necessary cutting makes room for recovery, renewal, and a hell of a better book.

In the popular television show, ‘Hoarders’, those ill people fill up every nook and cranny until their space is ready to explode. Yet they know not what they have done. Their mindset does not allow them to purge. They are truly stuck. Learn from them, learn from their demons, and learn to purge the crap in your life. You’ll be thankful you did.

Some words of wisdom to help purge by: Die you gravy-sucking pig! Steve Martin, comedian

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