Monday, 9 May 2011

You Have Children To Lose Them ...

This blog follows on the heels of Mother’s Day. It was a bitter-sweet Mother’s Day for me. My son is doing his co-op for his engineering degree and is working away from home for the first time. He starts today. It will be a summer without kids coming over unexpectedly, bumming food and drinks, and just hanging out. It will be a huge change for hubby and me.

My grandmother once told my mom, ‘You have children to lose them.’ Too true.

So what does this blog have to do with writing? That way I see it, every character I create is a child to me. I nurture them, dress them, feed words to them, and then throw them into stories to challenge them. Hopefully, like my flesh and blood children, they’re prepared enough to take on the world, fight the good fight, resolve their conflicts, and live happily ever after. This is what parents do. Or try to do. This is how my children have prepared me for the world of writing.

And I thank them.  

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