Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Holy Hot Flash, Batgirl!

Well, it happened. My first, official hot flash as I enter unchartered territory. How is this related to writing, you may ask? It’s all about relating. My target audience is a combination of middle grade and young adult (10 years and up), plus any adults I can entice along the way. Hormonal and body changes, fitting in, figuring out, stretching limits, making decisions, rebellion and finding your place, your personal power in this world are challenges we all must endure as we grow and change. And many of those changes suck. Like periods and hot flashes. Not to mention hair growing where it shouldn’t. Like on legs or upper lips. Yeah change!

 This brings me to understanding what kids (target audience) are going through as they hit puberty. It’s a scary, emotional ride. The good part is that it does end. And how you adjust to those changes is reflected in the person you’ve become when you finally do break out of your adolescent cocoon. The best part about being a parent of a child going through the motions of puberty is being there, being present for him/her. Reinforce their self-esteem whenever possible because parents know puberty can be a bumpy ride. Don’t make it about you, it’s about the kids. Parents have been there and done that, children haven’t. Puberty, like menopause, is a tough gig.

The best part about being a writer is that you get to create a character, give him/her background, weaknesses, strengths, problems to struggle with and finally solve. My goal is that they’re characters kids (and adults) can relate and connect to. Actions speak volumes and writing about how my characters react in the external world I create is a gift I love to share – my connection to all of you by sharing my most meaningful experiences.

So bring on the hot flashes, I’m ready for change!

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