Wednesday, 4 May 2011

All Systems Go!

May the 'Fourth' Be With You!

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. After all, it is Luke Skywalker Day.
First, let me introduce myself – my name is Sharon Ledwith and I write young adult fiction. My genres include: time travel mysteries (kind of like a mesh of fantasy with a splash of sci-fi meets Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys), as well as paranormal stories where teens deal with psychic powers like psychometry, telekinesis, animal communication – stuff like that.

My intention of this blog is to:

 #1 Get you to know me as a writer, and post my experiences as an indie publisher of eBooks.

 #2 Introduce and showcase my stories and characters.
In a nutshell – market myself and promote my work.

That’s it really. You see, writing is all about the reader. My goal is to influence and empower today’s youth – the next generation – through the stories I create. I believe everyone is here at this time with a mission and a purpose, and every child has something to add to our evolutionary advancement. Children truly are the keys to our future. It is my hope to unlock this portent.

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