Thursday 21 March 2024

Book Tour: The Pheeworker's Oath by Adam Gaylord...

Welcome to the -Week Virtual Book Tour Schedule for The Pheeworker’s Oath by Adam Gaylord - SciFi, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery 
March 17-22, 2024)

About The Pheeworker’s Oath:

Humans don’t belong on this world. The refugees who crash-landed on the Atipok homeworld can’t see or touch phee, the elemental power which flows through rock and stone like living rivers of light. From the moment of his hatching, healer Takey has manipulated phee to heal, bending strands to his will to mend muscle and bone for both human and Atipok alike.

But when the Atipok queen is murdered and her death blamed on an orphaned human child capable of pheework, the first of her kind, a rift is torn between the two races that could spell the end of humanity. Anti-human factions seize power and the Atipok army is on the march. Can Takey survive long enough to unravel the strands of conspiracy, protect the child, and broker a peace to avoid genocide without betraying his own people or himself?


SciFi, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery

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From Aimee Ogden, Nebula Finalist:

A compellingly alien protagonist, who also has the deeply-held and familiar belief that a better world is possible. 

In THE PHEEWORKER'S OATH, neither compassion nor cruelty are traits limited to humankind. There are no easy answers to the complexities of human refugees building a new home for themselves on a different world--but it is easy to care about the compellingly alien Takey, and about his deeply-held and familiar belief that a better world is possible. 

From Rachael Jones, WFA Finalist & Tiptree Award honoree:

The Pheeworker's Oath is a timely science fiction tale about a stranded human colony dependent upon the Atipok, aliens with near-mystical abilities that allow them to control their environment and their very bodies. It is a fascinating examination of how manipulative leaders harness fear of the other to gain power, and how the only way to break that power is to find kinship with the very beings you've been told to fear. This adventure story showcases timeless themes and intriguing worldbuilding. Come for the cool alien powers, stay for the lizardlike Atipok--but don't you dare call them Lizards!

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Meet the Author:

Adam Gaylord (he/him) lives in Colorado with a wife that is smarter than him, their two monster children, and a very handsome dog. When not at work as an ecologist, he’s usually writing, baking, drawing comics, or some combination thereof. Look him up on GoodReads or find him on Twitter/BlueSky @AuthorGaylord.

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