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An Author’s Continuing Conundrum: Marketing and Promotion…

So what’s the solution to an author’s marketing and promotion problems these days? You know. The endless advertising and selling to get readers to buy your book. No need to overthink. It’s simple. In a word: consistency. Authors need to build trust with their readers through being consistent with their publishing content. Posting on social media, blogging, guest spots, podcasts, YouTube, e-newsletters, and writing a book are just some of the tasks required for being present as an author. Not showing up makes the author and brand forgettable. Show up for your readers. Then you show up for yourself too.

How do you do build trust with your readers? Author friend Colleen M. Story suggests to begin with two ways:

1.      Consistency in QUALITY

2.      Consistency in PUBLISHING

You can apply these two ways to anything you do related to your writing career. Start by scheduling your production of at least three major pieces of content mentioned below:

Social Media: Post several times a week. Watch what your target audience (or other authors in your same genre) is posting too, so you can start to be a part of the conversation. Listen and learn what your readers want, then create the content that will grab their attention.

Blog: Write and publish a blog post at least once a week. It should fit within your niche and serve your readers. Then post links to your blog posts on all your social media platforms.

Run Ads on Facebook or Amazon: Either use the strategy for an Amazon 3 day Free promotion or post a Facebook ad for ten days, rolling it over with a new ad to take its place when the campaign ends. With Amazon, the tactic is to build the promotion by lowering the ranking until it begins to drive the promotion. Facebook allows you to target your audience, so when you get readers visiting your website or Amazon Author page (the less clicks the better) they become familiar with you and your books. If you have a series, you can combine your book covers together and put them on one ad. This can get pricey, but I think it’s worth it in the long run. Make sure to post ads on all your social media platforms to reach your targeted readers.

Email Newsletter: Send it out to your subscribers either seasonally or monthly. Include information that’s helpful to them, along with links to your blog posts and any news you want to share. FYI—So far, I have resisted creating an email newsletter. My reason? In my opinion, I believe my target audience (Young Adult) would probably pass on signing up for a newsletter, and opt for feeding their need about their favorite author’s news via social media. What works for one author doesn’t work for another.

Large Piece: Publish a larger piece of content—a short story, novel, or nonfiction book—once a year, or once every 18 months. That’s a no-brainer for a writer!

This schedule won’t propel your readership overnight, but if you stick with it and don’t give up, you will see results. Pick at least three of these, and start showing up. Consistency of action in service to your readers is truly the key to building an audience for your work. It’s not easy, but that means if you do it, you’ll be one of the few authors who stand out in your readers’ minds.

Are you consistent with your content? Do you use any of the strategies mentioned above? If not, are you willing to give it a try? I’d love for you to share your comments. Cheers, and thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate you!

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