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Book Details:

Print Length: 286 pages
Publisher: Mirror World Publishing (
Publication Date: September 17, 2019

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure

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About Exile:

Zarda, Fate-Seer of her people, the Drax, has chosen to join the wingless and their broken-winged dams on their long and dangerous journey into exile. But Kalis, the Prime she has abandoned, dispatches flyers to hunt her down and offers a reward to anyone who will give her up.

When their path takes them into the Crimson Forest, horror and death stalk the exiles beneath the vines. As the pain and hardship of banishment begin to take their toll, Zarda wonders which of the exiles will be the first to betray her, but nothing can prepare her for the discovery that awaits her beyond the furthest reaches of Drax territory; a discovery that has the power to alter the course of history.

Exile’ is the sequel to ‘Unreachable Skies’, and Karen is currently working on the third book in the trilogy.

Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Exile:

“That’s not fair!” Limar, a pink-clad, fluffed up bundle of indignation, pushed her way to the front of the crowd, brandishing a ladle from the branmeal she had been preparing a few spans away. “None of this was Dru’s fault, he did exactly what he was supposed to at the Two Moons ritual. It was Fazak finding some ancient scratching that said everyone had to be airborne that spoiled everything.”

“Doesn’t have the Sight, though, does he?”

And for that, Limar had no answer. Though she was Dru’s half-sibling and nest-nurse, she had not been told that a visit to the Dream-cave with me had awakened his talent. Of those within earshot, only Shaya, Varna, and myself knew he was speaking the truth. Shaya had been on the council when it was agreed to keep Dru’s abilities secret, and whatever had happened since then, I was sure she would not betray that trust. As for Varna – well, she was in no fit state to do anything, and was certainly not about to rise to her pup’s defence.

Nor could I, not without revealing who I was.

As I’d flown south during the night, the Great Spiral itself had parted the clouds to send me a sign that my decision to join the exiles was correct. Those same clouds, edged with pale gold in the east, now hid the Spiral from view, but I sent a prayer skyward anyway: “Tell me what I should do!”

This time, there was no answer, no sign – just a memory of my own Vision of crossing the Ambit’s mudflats with the wingless. The mudflats lay to the north, along the coast on the far side of the Ambit peninsula. If I was to cross them, I had to survive to travel with Shaya and the nineties with her. I couldn’t risk putting on my black tunic. Even if no-one betrayed me when Kalis sent the Guardflight to look for me – and he would – we were just a short flight from the Spirax where the Elite Guard now flew. It was unlikely they would spot one single black tunic amid the myriad colours that surrounded me, but it was not impossible.

The scent of Doran’s disappointment was overwhelming, and I looked up from my carry-pouch to see her ears and whiskers twitch with disapproval.

“I can’t save them, Doran.” My voice sounded hollow. “But if you want me to try – if you want me to risk my wings by speaking up – then tell everyone right now who I am, and hope that no-one betrays me when the Guardflight come. Because come they will, I guarantee it.”

She half-turned away from me, getting as far as opening her mouth to call to Shaya and the others before I scented uncertainty. She looked back at me, then at the set of Colex’s ears as the farmer picked up her carry-pouch and set her snout north-west. “I can’t be responsible for you losing your wings,” she said. “Come on. We’re supposed to have nine round each fire, but with all this upset no-one will worry about an extra one sitting at ours.” Turning away from the sight of a line of females and younglings scrambling up the sandy, snow-lined ridge to set out across the Deadlands, she led me through the encampment to a warm fire where her youngling, Cavel, was stirring a pot of hot branmeal. “I suppose we’d better think of something else to call you,” she said.

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Meet the Author:

Brought up in Staffordshire, England, Karen now lives in West Sussex where she is enjoying her retirement. When not writing, she enjoys reading, watching films, local WI and U3A activities, volunteering with the South Downs National Park Volunteer Rangers, and spending time with friends and family. She has also flown in a Spitfire!

Karen has written articles on films and British history for a number of British magazines including ‘Yours’, ‘Classic Television’, and ‘Best of British’. In 2009, her essay on ‘British Propaganda Films of the Second World War’ was published in ‘Under Fire: A Century of War Movies’ (Ian Allen Publishing).

She also wrote a number of online articles and reviews for The Geek Girl Project (, as their British correspondent.

Karen’s short stories have appeared in anthologies by Fiction Brigade (2012, e-book), Zharmae Publishing (‘RealLies’, 2013), Audio Arcadia (‘On Another Plane’, 2015), Luna Station Publishing (‘Luna Station Quarterly’ December 2015), Horrified Press (‘Killer Tracks’ and ‘Waiting’, both 2015; and ‘Crossroads’, 2016), and Reflex Fiction (‘Voicemail’, published online 2017). She also won second prize in Writers’ News magazine’s ‘Comeuppance’ competition in 2014 with her short story ‘Hero’.

Exile’ is the sequel to ‘Unreachable Skies’, and Karen is currently working on the third book in the trilogy.

You can follow Karen on Twitter @McKaren_Writer, or check out her website at

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