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Spotlight on a Book Series: Lisa Orchard and the Starlight Chronicles Series…

I want to thank and welcome very good friend and fantastic MG/YA author, Lisa Orchard for sharing her personal experiences on writing a book series and showcasing her young adult contemporary series the Starlight Chronicles with us on my blog today. On a side note, Lisa is one tough cookie for not only recently battling breast cancer and going through chemotherapy, but continuing to follow her heart and do what she loves: write wonderful books. So without further ado, let’s get this interview rolling…

Where did you get your idea and inspiration to write the Starlight Chronicles series, Lisa?

From my own teenage desires to be a singer in a band.J

Say what? You wanted to rock out in a band? You’re braver than me! So, how many books are you planning to write in this young adult contemporary fiction series?


That’s a good foundation for a series, Lisa. What sets the Starlight Chronicles series apart from other series in the same genre?

It deals with some teen issues as well as being entertaining to the young adult reader.

How long did it take for you to start and finish each book from the Starlight Chronicles series?

Well the first three books were written as one book, so it took me about six to nine months to write the one book. I’ve started book four, but because of my chemo journey I’ve had to put that one on hold.

Take all the time you need to get your health back, this world needs authors like you! Can you tell us some of your favorite book series, Lisa?

I loved the Nancy Drew series growing up! A more recent series that I enjoyed was the Hunger Games Series.

Wonderful choices! Do you have any advice for other writers striving to write a series?

Keep writing and keep your characters consistent so that they’re recognizable in each story.

Sage advice, my friend. What’s next for Lisa Orchard the author?

To be honest, I’m not really sure. I’m still recovering from chemo. I’d like to finish book four of the Starlight series fairly quickly and I have a couple of new ideas for a stand-alone book that I’ve been tossing around.

Okay, here’s one for me, since I’m writing a time travel series—IF you could time travel into Earth’s past, WHO would you love to meet, and WHY?

The younger Harper Lee so we wouldn’t have to wait so long for her second book! I’d tell her where it is!

Blurb for “Gideon Lee”
Lark Singer’s relationship with her mother is prickly to say the least. As she enters a musical competition that could launch her career, Lark also searches for answers her mother would rather keep hidden. Throw into the mix the fact her best friend Bean has been acting strangely, and Lark finds herself launched into uncharted territory. Will her quest for answers sabotage her musical aspirations?

Blurb for "Lark Singer"
Lark Singer is seventeen years old and already on the way to a brilliant music career. As she and her band, Starlight, gear-up for an upcoming, life-changing band competition, though, life seems to be throwing her a few curve balls. The mysteries of her past seem to be unraveling, and she’s no longer certain she wants to know those answers, or how knowing about her past will affect her difficult relationship with her mother. And when her best friend, Bean, changes things between them, all her plans for a musical future are placed in jeopardy. How can she balance her unraveling personal life to keep her musical goals on track?

Blurb for "Starlight"
Everything is on track for Seventeen-year-old Lark Singer and her band Starlight. They have a great shot at winning the competition that can launch their musical career. But when Lark discovers they will be competing against her old nemesis Duane McIntyre things really heat up. How far will Lark go to win, and what will it cost her in the end?

Lisa Orchard grew up loving books. She knew she wanted to be a writer by fifth grade, but didn’t pursue publication until after having children. That’s when the Super Spies series was born. She has just finished a Coming of Age Young Adult Novel and when she’s not writing she enjoys spending time with her family, running, hiking, and reading.

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  1. Thanks Sharon for having me as your guest today!

    1. You're more than welcome, Lisa! Thanks for showcasing your awesome YA series! Cheers!

  2. Such gorgeous covers, Lisa. If a book can be judged by it's cover...

    Best of luck on the series and many, many heartfelt virtual hugs and cheers on your health.

    1. Thanks Kai! I appreciate you stopping by and the virtual hugs! :)

  3. Beautiful covers, Lisa. Good luck with them.

  4. Thanks Rita! My cover artist is awesome! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Sounds like an awesome series Lisa. All the best with this series and your future books.

    1. Thanks Darlene! I appreciate you stopping by and the well wishes!