Monday 13 January 2014

Guest Post: YA Author S. G. Rogers shares her Special Seven...

Today I welcome author S.G. Rogers to my blog. Tell us, Suzanne, what seven periods/events of history would you like to visit and why?

1) Opening day at Disneyland, Anaheim, California (July 17th, 1955).  I can’t think of a place that has given as much happiness to more people.  It would have been great to be there at the beginning, back when I could afford the entrance fee.

2) Signing of the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776). What a thrilling moment for a country about to embark upon a brave new experiment in governance.  The atmosphere in the room must have been crackling with electricity.

3) Victorian England (1837 – 1901).  To borrow a phrase from Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  Beautiful mansions, balls, clothes, and sheer spectacle of the Upper Tens were juxtaposed with immense poverty.

4) Dresden, Germany before it was bombed in WWII. (before February, 1945).  By all accounts, it was an amazing city of wonderful historical and artistic significance.

5) Colossus of Rhodes - (280 BC) – This statue of the Greek Titan Helios was 107 feet tall,
built on pedestals 50 feet high.  I would have loved to watch it being built, especially when you consider they had no access to cranes!

6) Fall of the Berlin Wall (November 9th, 1989) – I saw it on television, but it would have been better to be there in person and grab a chunk of history.

7) It would have been cool to watch Johannes Gutenberg inventing movable type printing (around 1439).  Could he have ever predicted all these centuries later we’d be reading print on a liquid crystal display?

What a great tour of history! Do you use a lot of history in your writing?

Yes, in fact 2013 seemed to be the year of historical romances for me. I focused on the Victorian era and Edwardian era, and wrote four separate titles. But I’ve been known to go WAY back to the medieval and Norse mythology eras too, with my fantasy titles. I expect 2014 will find me juggling between romance and fantasy, since I enjoy both genres.

Thanks, Suzanne, and happy writing! Where can we find you?

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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog, Sharon!

    1. Wow, you beat me to the punch, Suzanne! LOL! You're more than welcome, there's always a spot for your here anytime! Cheers and good luck with your book sale!

  2. Love the post. I'd like to do #s 3 and 4. Tournament of Chance sounds like an exciting read. It's time to treat myself.:)

    1. Hey, thanks, Sloane. It's a great time to buy Tournament of Chance because it's on sale through January!