Saturday, 18 January 2014

And the Nominees are...

With all the excitement of the Award show season, a person can get caught up in all the hype, glamour, and glitter. I was never one for all that craziness and elation. Until now. This week, the unexpected happened. My book, Legend of the Timekeepers was nominated for BEST YA BOOK of 2013 by the Love Romances Café Yahoo Group! Say what? BEST? MOI? I’m still pinching myself.
Now the Love Romances Café group is a fair size with over 4000 members, and most of the membership I don’t know on a personal basis, which added to the shock factor. Below is a list of authors and their nominated books. I thought I’d post them because you may find a gem of a book from a genre you enjoy reading. BTW—two fabulous authors in my Wenches of Words group have also been nominated: Sloane Taylor and Sam Cheever. I'm so very proud of their accomplishments and wish them all the success in the world. I also share the spotlight with friend and fellow YA author Jane Dougherty, so I'm in great company. I’ve highlighted their names, along with mine, as well as the publishing company I’m signed with since they got the nod too! Congrats, Musa Publishing! Now, without further ado… here are the nominees for 2013:

The Main Categories Nominees.....

Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy book Nominees:

Louisa Kelly’s Nareen of the Draco (Loose Id)
Sally Max’s The Medusa’s Gargoyle (Breathless Press)
Susan Laine’s Hunter’s Moon (Dreamspinner Press)
Andrea Speed’s Infected: Undertow (Dreamspinner Press)
Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent’s Taken by Her Mate (Evernight Publishing)
Marteeka Karland & Shelby Morgan’s Memphis Heat: Streetwise (Changeling Press)
Cynthia Sax’s Dragon Lord’s Destiny (Changeling Press)
Desiree Holt’s Branded by Lust (Ellora’s Cave)
Marie Harte’s Prey & Prejudice (Samhain Publishing)
Sarah Gilman’s Ashes (Entangled Publishing)
Karenna Colcraft’s Try the Tofu (MLR Press)
LE Franks & Sara York’s Prodigal Wolf (MLR Press)

Best Science Fiction/Futuristic book Nominees:
Jessica E. Subject’s Never Gonna Say Goodbye (Decadent Publishing)
Vivi Anna’s The League of Illusion: Legacy (Carina Press)
Anne Kane’s Stargazers (Changeling Press)
Mychael Black’s Coriolis: Kill Fee (Changeling Press)
Sally Max’s Island Urges (Breathless Press)
Shannon West’s Konnor and his Omega Mate (Secret Cravings Publishing)

Best Historical/Regency book Nominees:

Raven McAllan’s Miss Simpkin’s School: Flora (Breathless Press)
Heather King’s A Sense of Ridiculas (Musa Publishing)
Charlie Cochrane’s Promises Made Under Fire (Carina Press)
Marilyn Kelly’s Sounds of Love (Ellora’s Cave)
Kirsten S. Blacketer’s An Irresistible Shadow (Breathless Press)
Summer Devon & Bonnie Dee’s The Gentleman’s Madness (Samhain Publishing)
Jianne Carlo’s Vengeance Hammer (Etopia Press)
Norse Jewel by Gina Conkle

Best Young Adult/New Adult book Nominees:

K.D. Rose’s Erasing Shadows (Breathless Press)
Jane Doughtry’s The Dark Citadel (Musa Publishing)
Sharon Ledwith’s Legend of the Time Keepers (Musa Publishing)
EM Lynley’s Snow Job (Loose Id)
Lisa Burstein’s The Next Forever (Entangled Publishing)
Jus Accardo’s Ruined (Entangled Publishing)
Molly Daniels’ Endless Love (Secret Cravings Publishing)

Best Thriller/Suspense/Mystery Book Nominees:

Terri Rigg’s Resolutions (Decadent Publishing)
Wendy Robert’s Grounds to Kill (Carina Press)
Daryl Anderson’s Murder in Mystic Cove (Carina Press)
Ditter Kellen’s The Seeker: Ember Burns (Loose Id)
Cherise Sinclair’s Masters of Shadowlands 8: If Only (Loose Id)
Desiree Holt’s Lock and Load (Totally Bound)
JD Robb’s Thankless In Death (Putnam)
Laura Harner’s Moving Mountains (Hot Corner Press)
Angel Martinez’s Rarely Pure and Never Simple (MLR Press)

Best Series Nominees:

Decadent Publishing’s 1NS Multi-Author Series
SJD Peterson’s Guards of Folsom Series (Dreamspinner Press)
Kim Knox’s Agamemnon Frost Series (Carina Press)
Karina Cooper’s St. Croix Chronicles (Carina Press)
Cindy Spencer Pape’s Gaslight Chronicles (Carina Press)
Declan Sands’ Blood-Hound Series (Changeling Press) – Sam Cheever
LA Witt, Marie Sexton & Heidi Cullinan’s Tucker Springs Series (Riptide Publishing)
EM Lynley’s Precious Gems Series (Dreamspinner Press)
Lee Brazil and Raven McAllan’s Behind Closed Door Series (Evernight Publishing)
T.A. Webb’s City Knight’s Series (A Bear on Books)
Laura Harner’s Willow Springs Ranch Series (Hot Corner Press)
Tara Lain’s The Aloysius Tales (Loose Id Publishing)
Jean C. Joachim’s Hollywood Hearts (Secret Cravings Publishing)

Best Western Book nominees:

Amanda McIntyre’s Rugged Hearts (Decadent Publishing)
LB Shire’s The Damned (Breathless Press)
Cathryn Fox’s A Cowboy’s Way (Entangled Publishing)
Sandy Sullivan’s Trouble with a Cowboy (Secret Cravings Publishing)
RJ Scott’s Crooked Tree Ranch (Totally Bound)

Best Publisher (includes their imprint lines) nominees:

Decadent Publishing
Entangled Publishing
Changeling Press
Breathless Press
Loose Id
Secret Cravings Publishing
Dreamspinner Press
Manlove Romance Press
Riptide Publishing
Ellora’s Cave
Musa Publishing
Carina Press
Totally Bound

Best BDSM/Kink Book nominees:

Virginia Nelson’s Dom of the Dead (Decadent Publishing)
Lyn Gala’s Fettered (Dreamspinner Press)
KC Wells’s An Unlocked Heart (Dreamspinner Press)
Sean Michael’s Shibari Auction House: James (Changeling Press)
Rachel Haimowitz & Heidi Belleau’s Flesh Cartel 4: Consequences (Riptide Publishing)
Melinda Barron’s Dungeon Building (Loose Id)
Joely Sue Burkhart’s Lord Regent’s Price (Samhain)
Jasmine Hill’s Serena’s Seduction (Totally Bound)
Sierra Cartwright’s For the Sub (Totally Bound)

Best Anthology nominees:

Mischief Corner Books Horns and Halos
Riptide Publishing’s Bump in the Night Anthology
Down on the Farm Vol. 1 by Dianne Hartsock, SJ Thomas, Leona Bushman & Raven McAllan (Breathless Press)
Ad-Dick-Tion Vol. 3 Anthology (Breathless Press)

Best Author in 2013 nominees:

Scotty Cade
Cate Marsters
Megan Slayer
Charlie Cochrane
Kim Knox
Jenika Snow
Cindy Spencer Pape
Ashlynn Monroe
Sam Cheever
Andrea Speed
Marie Sexton
LA Witt
Mychael Black

Best Contemporary book Nominees:

CR Moss’s Sunset Heat (Decadent Publishing)
Cardeno C’s Something in the Way He Needs (Dreamspinner Press)
Sloane Taylor’s Photo Op! (Musa Publishing)
JS Wayne’s Even Groomsmen get the Blues (Changeling Pres)
Megan Slayer’s Watch Me (Changeling Press/Razor’s Edge line)
Rowan Speedwell’s Illumination (Riptide Publishing)
ZA Maxfield’s The Brothers Grime: Eddie (Loose Id)
Emily March’s Miracle Road (Random House)
Andrew Grey’s Crossing Divides (Dreamspinner Press)
Rick R. Reed’s Raining Men (Dreamspinner Press)
Carol Lynne’s Fingerprints and Muddy Feet (Totally Bound)

Best Erotic Romance Book in 2013 Nominees:

Christine d’Abo’s Choose Your Shot (Carina Press)
Ashlynn Monroe’s My Heroes (Changeling Press)
Stephanie Burke’s How to NOT date a Bear (Changeling Press)
Jodi Redford’s Three Ways to Wicked (Samhain Publishing)
Cherrie Lyn’s Take Me On (Samhain Publishing)
W. Lynn Chantal’s Beneath the Mistletoe (Evernight Publishing)
Tara Lain’s F.A.S.T. Balls (Etopia Press)
Diana DeRicci’s Learning to Live (MLR Press)
Selena Illyria’’s Mate Not Wanted (Etopia Press)

Best Book All Around Nominees:

Lauren Dane’s Drawn Together (Berkley)
Kevin Hearne’s Hunted (Del Ray)
Aleksandr Voinov’s Scorpion (Riptide Publishing)
Abigail Roux’s Shock and Awe (Riptide Publishing)
Cherise Sinclair’s Masters of Shadowlands 8: If Only (Loose Id)
JR Ward’s Lover at Last (New American Library)
Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Styxx (St. Martin’s)
Andrew Grey’s Love Comes in Darkness (Dreamspinner Press)
Jo Ramsey’s Nail Polish and Feathers (Harmony Ink Publishing)
Jean C. Joachim’s Lovers & Liars (Secret Cravings Publishing)

It would appear that I’m in good company, and the competition is stiff (pun intended for those Erotica authors!). LOL! Wishing all the nominees listed above best wishes and good luck! Winners will be announced on January 28th at noon EST (USA). So may the BEST authors rise to the top! Cheers and salute! 


  1. THANK YOU, Sharon for the post and all your support. :)

    1. My pleasure, Sloane! You do so much for me and many other authors! What goes around, comes around my friend! Cheers!

  2. Congratulations on your nomination, Sharon! Wishing you the best of luck.

    1. Thanks, Michael, I appreciate your support and kindness! Hope all is well with you!

  3. Wow, Sharon and the rest of you lovely ladies. Congrats to all of you. Job well done.

    1. Hugs, Rita! I look at it this way, I couldn't have been nominated without the support from author peeps like you! Cheers!

  4. Congratulations on the nomination. Best of luck for the big announcement.

    1. High fives, Steve! I was totally taken back and feel humble about the whole experience! Cheers for your support!