Saturday 24 August 2013

How Readers can Help their Favorite Authors…

A Reader is an Author's BFF
Since my newest eBook will be released in less than a week, this post is for the readers. You know who you are. You wait months and months, sometimes even years for your favorite author’s next release. And when you get the book, you devour it within hours or days. So while you’re waiting in the wings for the next literary installment, why not take some time to be an author’s BFF and help him or her out. How? Glad you asked…

 Review the book: Readers are some of the best resources for reviews. If you are an author, ask for a review. You might even include a note at the end of the book to your readers inviting them to review it and telling them why. Believe me, a reader’s opinion matters! Like a book? Please review it. Even if you don't like it review it, too. Most authors welcome feedback if it's constructive. Always be positive.

Video reviews: If you're ready to take this a step further, why not offer a video review? Amazon lets you do this, and if you decide to you do it, send the video clip via Dropbox or Hightail (formally YouSendit) and keep the clip to under a minute. Hold up the book and smile!

Photo sharing: This is my fantasy—a reader holding up my book, snapping a picture and posting it on social media! This is a fun, visual way to share your love for a book. Even better, snap a picture where you're reading it. Taking a book on vacation? Why not show yourself enjoying the book (cover out!) reclining in a hammock or sitting somewhere sipping espresso. If you don't have any travel planned, take a picture anyway. Authors love, love this so much!

Local bookstores: Though it may seem like every author who is published gets a shot at bookstore shelf space, the truth is that most don't. If you've found a book you love and had to buy it on Amazon because your local store didn't carry it, tell them. If bookstore managers get multiple requests for a book they will consider stocking it.

Reading groups: This is often a tough one for authors to get into. Reading groups are a fantastic way to get the word out about your book but many are tough to reach and often pick their books months in advance. If you know of a local book club let them know about this book and then put them in touch with the author. It's a quick thing to do and believe me any author would be very, very grateful to have this kind of a connection.

Buy the book for a friend: Simple. Easy. Basic. If you love the book you just read, buy a copy for a friend. And when you gift it, remind the person to review it.

Social Media: Sharing has become part of our lives. We share good and bad news but when was the last time you shared what you are reading? Here's where that great picture you just took of you reading a book can come in handy. Or even better, hop on over to Goodreads or Library Thing and share your love for this author to the millions listening there.

Bookmarks: Most authors will get things printed up like bookmarks, trading cards, postcards, etc. Bookmarks are especially fun because despite the eBook surge, many of us are still reading printed books. Email the author and see if he or she will send you a stack of them that you can share with your local library or bookstore. Leave them at the counter or pop them inside of similar books. Sort of like Amazon's "Other customers also bought" which pairs up similar titles. Ask for the bookmarks and the next time you're at a bookstore drop them off. It’s easy and authors will really appreciate the local exposure.

Authors on tour: It's not often that authors tour anymore but if you have someone coming to your area why not offer to help them get the word out? Maybe drop off fliers, or if you are so inclined, call your local paper and let them know this author is coming to town and as a reader, you'd love for the paper to do a story on it. Getting a heads up about an author coming to town from a reader can be ten times more effective than even a well-polished pitch. Why? Because the media is serving the local community and if a resident is sharing an idea, they're bound to listen.

Libraries: Authors can have a tough time getting into libraries so why not buy an extra book and donate it? Then let the author know that you did this so they can let readers know where they can check out the book at a local library.

As a reader, you have a unique opportunity to make a difference and help out an author who has poured his or her heart and soul into a book. As an author, if you need help from your readers just ask. When you ask for help, you might be very pleasantly surprised by the results.

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NOTE: Most of this post was supplied by Penny C. Sansevieri, from The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter, who encourages her readers to cut, paste, and share her postings.


  1. Great post Sharon! I especially like the idea about bookmarks!

    1. Thanks, Ansha! I hope this gives readers some ideas on how they can help their fav authors! Cheers!

  2. Less than a week? Wow. I bet you're so excited.