Monday 24 September 2012

Looking Good...

Cathy Olliffe Webster, graphic artist and blogger-extraordinaire of Life on the Muskoka River, tagged me with The Look Challenge. Apparently, this game is a relatively painless one: find the word look in your work in progress and post the neighboring paragraphs. Hmmm. Not so painless, it seems.

After clicking a few buttons in word find, I was surprised to find 121 occurrences. Not bad, since I figured look is a pretty popular word. So not to be outdone by Cathy’s Lookie-loo post, I thought I’d pick a paragraph that had to do with excrement too. Great minds do think alike, after all!

Here’s my work-in-progress contribution, which is the prequel to The Last Timekeepers series:

The boy stumbled. Lilith pushed her coiled snake bracelet back up her arm for what seemed the millionth time, smoothed out her plain white robe, and showed him her angry face.

He laughed. “Your face looks like a date about to pop in the heat. Do you need relief?”

Lilith’s jaw dropped. “Relief?”

“Yes, relief. I don’t know what you people from Atcha call it. Pass water? Do a dung drop?”

Lilith scratched her slender nose before realizing what this pest was trying to ask her. Then, she smirked. “No. Do you?”

The boy wrinkled his brow. “No. Why would you ask?”

She pointed to what he was wearing—a white linen loincloth held in place by a simple knot on the side. “Because you’re wearing that baby’s cloth, and by the smell of you, it’s about time you change it.”

And now, let the tagging begin! Okay my choices for The Look Challenge are…drum roll…

Lauren Hunter is a writer of Regency and paranormal romance novels, with plans to write in a variety of other genres, including time travel, angel, ghost, and contemporary romance.

Sloane Taylor is a true romantic and a sensual woman who believes humor and sex are healthy aspects of everyday lives. She loves to cook, garden and read.

Paul Stansfield is an archaeologist, author, and tends to write anything that will scare the pants off of you.

Linda Benson is the middle-grade author of Six Degrees of Lost, The Girl Who Remembered Horses, Finding Chance, and Walking the Dog. She is an animal lover, horsewoman, chocolate addict, and book worm.

Cordelia Dinsmore is the writer of young adult fiction and the occasional rhyming book. When she’s not writing, she trains her dog, volunteers with kids, and plays in the dirt.


  1. Dear Sharon, you forgot to add 'kill' to my bio. lol Thanks for the tag, I think. Now, I have to shower that favor onto others. bwahahahaha

    1. Now, now, let's not show your fangs, dear Sloane! Thought this would be a fun blog to do! Cheers and thanks for being a good sport!

  2. LOL. Sounds like fun, Sharon. I'll play along with the sequel I'm writing to The Girl Who Remembered Horses. But give me a little time. First off, I have to blog about my new release, Walking the Dog. :-)

    1. I know you're a busy gal, Linda, so I thought, why not make her busier. Wink. Best of luck with your new release!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! What a hilarious excerpt!!!! LOVE. IT. And great choices, too!
    (I especially love that you wrote about poo, too!!! You're right! Great minds...)

  4. Cathy - poo makes the world go around! Clarissa - yes, it's fun, I only hope my taggers won't kill me for this! Cheers!

  5. What a fun game. Isn't it amazing how often 'look' appears in out manuscripts. Love the excerpt. :-)

    1. Cheers, Amaleen! You're lucky I didn't pick you, though there's still hope...bahaha!