Monday, 26 September 2011

Supporting Fellow Authors!

Thought I'd put the spotlight elsewhere and pat the backs of a couple of authors who have also signed on with Musa Publishing. Both are up and coming, and both their books will be released in this October. If you get a chance, swing by their websites and them out.

 So, without further ado:

Meet Stephanie Campbell whose young adult  book, Dragon Night, will be available October 7/11 on Musa's website.

Meet Arley Cole whose young adult book, The Blacksmith's Daughter, will be available October 21/11 on Musa's website.

Congratulations to the both of you!


  1. This is really awesome, Sharon! Just a quick FYI, though--Dragon Night has been rescheduled for November 18. Thanks for supporting Musa/Euterpe authors! I know they'll give it back when your turn comes up!

  2. Hello Sharon, when is your book The Last Timekeepers scheduled to be published? The title is terribly intriguing.
    How great of you to advertise the success of others, too.