Thursday, 4 August 2011

Everything Counts!

“Everything you do is either moving you toward your goal or moving you away. Everything is either helping you or hurting you. Nothing is neutral. Everything counts.”

Those are the words of Brian Tracy, a self-help guru with an on-line dynasty that teaches you everything from how to sell, to making millions, to time management. I personally signed up for his time management newsletters that are packed with some great information, along with sales plugs for his books, DVDs or courses. I believe his above statement, which is written in a free download called, ‘Taking Action’.
Every writer knows that every action in a story must lead to more action – bring the reader closer and closer to the climax, until the story has a fitting end. Or sometimes doesn’t in the eyes of the reader. It takes a great deal of energy to plan a story out, from start to finish. I personally take my time with my characters get to know them, their likes and dislikes, and so on until they seem to develop naturally as the story unfolds. In everything you do, preparation is the key. That, and a healthy dose of self-discipline.

I also try to outline as best as I can, but sometimes (actually most times) the characters take hold of the reins and go their own way. As a writer this is either amazing or annoying. My characters are improvising! WTH? Then, I realize with great vision (ahem) that that’s exactly where this character or that character needs to go. My character not only grows, but the story grows and I grow as a writer. Each action my character takes moves the story toward my ultimate goal – the finish, the end, the COUP DE GRACE.
So, when you’re struggling so hard to stay on track, it might help to review your plan, goal or map. You may just be heading in the wrong direction. That’s the time to take a U-turn.

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