Monday, 20 June 2011

Muskoka Novel Marathon Madness!

Hey, folks, I’m chomping at the bit to share this next blog with you! In less than a month’s time, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my new novella, The Legend of the Timekeepers I plan on writing during the 2011 Muskoka Novel Marathon. What’s a novel marathon, you ask? It’s when you get a group (32) of writers together in one room, at one time, and try with all your might to craft a novella – or for the brave and impetuous, an actual novel – in three days. Yes, you read that right – IN THREE DAYS. Call it madness. Call it chaos. Call it insanity.

I prefer to call it writing for a purpose.

All the money that we – the writers – raise through our sponsorships is handed over to the Muskoka Literacy Council. This wonderful organization offers free instruction in literacy, numeracy, computer and basic life skills to out-of-school teens and adults. “Our students,” says past president, Susan Lowe, “have degrees of difficulty with reading and writing or numeracy which greatly impacts their lives and their ability to contribute meaningfully to society.”

Ms. Lowe is 100% correct. I should know. I’ve tutored some of these adults and found it shocking on how they were unable to deal with day to day simple tasks. Tasks that you and I take for granted. Tasks like reading a driver’s handbook. Tasks like writing a grocery list, a cheque or filling out an application for a job. Imagine that – not being able to do any of those things.

Please support this wonderful cause! Other writers who are participating in the novel marathon are: Martin Avery, Paula Boon, Jacqui Morrison and Karen Wehrstein. I urge you to support one of these fine authors! Follow the links to their websites and check them out. They’re a dedicated bunch, and you may find you click with the books they have to offer.
The 2011 Muskoka Novel Marathon takes place from Friday, July 15 to Monday, July 18. If you’d like to sponsor any of the above authors (or even yours truly), please go to and check out how you can do that.

And to those of you who are sponsoring me in this year's novel marathon - thank you for your gift of empowering others! 

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