Monday, 27 June 2011

Eat The Frog First!

Mmmm! Sounds yummy. Actually it’s not bad advice. No. Really. It’s not.

From the words of Brian Tracy, life coach and self-help guru, he urges people to eat the frog first. What he means by that is any job you keep putting off – like painting the porch, or outlining a novel, or cleaning out your eaves trough – should be done first so it isn’t hanging over your head, draining you for the rest of the day. No pun intended on the eaves trough thing – it just happened! So in essence, whatever it is that you keep avoiding or is your most difficult task (the frog), do it first (eat it now), that way you’re free and clear to do what you really want to do for the rest of the day.

What a concept!

I had to think about what I’d been ‘putting off’ in the last while. Washing the kitchen floor was up there (doggy drool doesn’t count), and outlining my novel for the Muskoka Novel Marathon(checkprevious post on June 20th) is a close second. Also getting sponsors for said novel marathon is high on the list too. Which got me to thinking – why do we procrastinate over eating that frog? I mean, I’ve eaten frog legs before (yes, they DO taste like chicken), but I’m thinking Mr. Tracy was talking about a live, slimy one.

The energy we waste worrying over eating that ‘frog’ is exhausting. Like pulling off a bandage, it’s better to do it in one quick tug. This all comes down to time management, a precious commodity these days. It’s a skill worth learning. And sometimes it’s down right hard to nail. It’s a matter of bearing down, gritting your teeth and just doing it. Nike had that right. Just do it!

Now, where did I put that mop?

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