Sunday 8 October 2023

What I Want My Readers to Know…

Since it’s the Canadian Thanksgiving today, I thought I’d make it all about my readers! Yay! Authors wouldn’t be anywhere without their readers, so me being me, I thought it would be fun to share what I think my readers would want to know about me, on this day of gratitude in Canada. Sending my readers a BIG thanks for hanging out with me, one book at a time. I appreciate you!

I want my readers to know something personal about me…

My sense of humor is my super power. Whenever I connect with people, I try to make them laugh, smile, or uplift them. I’m also an empath. Yeah, I feel you. Wink. I also love exploring anything arcane, attracted to unsolved mysteries, and enjoy single malt scotch.

I want my readers to know something about me as a writer…

Whatever I write is my journey—from seed idea to finished product—and all that’s happened in between. It’s the way I serve you, my readers. I want to deliver the best possible story I’ve got in me, while entertaining and inspiring my audience at the same time. In a nutshell, I want you to feel my journey through my characters’ stories.

 I want my readers to know where my motivation to write began…

I had an over-active imagination in school, and found it hard to concentrate on mundane subjects. I often drifted off into the land of story-making until the teacher called out my name. Yeah. I wouldn’t advise that. As I grew older I never thought I could channel those stories into something as concrete as a book, but one evening almost thirty years ago, I was inspired to do so by a deep, spiritual desire that whispered into my ear, ‘You can write’. True story. Now with six books and two series on the go, I’m glad I listened to that Divine voice, and haven’t looked back.

I want my readers to know the grand purpose I have for my work…

The young adult genre is my calling card, and I play in the realms of fantasy and supernatural. I’ve got two YA series on the go. I’ve planned for a total of ten books, plus the prequel for The Last Timekeepers time travel adventure series. So far, I have four books in this series published. For my Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls teen psychic mystery series, there are five books planned, two of which are already published. Currently, I’m working on the third book in this series, so as you can gather, I’ll be one busy gal for years to come.

I’ve learned never to rush the story. Even when you’re writing a series, each book has something to say in its own time, and that every book has a soul and purpose. So I step aside, and allow the story’s own unique voice to develop. After all, every author has their own unique voice too.

I want my readers to have a sneak peek of my work-in-process…

Presently, I’m working on the third installment of Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls, and is titled Sticks and Stones. It’s coming along great, and should be out sometime in 2024, if all goes well. Here’s the premise:

From an early age, Thane Berg found out that he can bend spoons when angered, then bend them back when calm. He has never told anyone about his psychic ability which has gotten stronger as he ages. Now fourteen-years-old, Thane is forced to live with his estranged father while his journalist mother goes off on an extended business trip around the world. To make matters worse, Thane must also start over in a new school—Fairy Falls High School—leaving his familiar life behind.

Trying to juggle high school, feelings for his father, paranormal lessons from an eccentric neighbor, hiding his psychokinetic abilities from his new friends, and steering clear from the school bully is no easy feat for Thane. In fact, it’s damned impossible most days.

Then, when Thane and his three classmates chance upon a huge illegal marijuana grow-op, things really start to get complicated. Thane is put to the test and must use his unique psychic powers to save his friends and himself from an uncertain future, and bring about a just outcome.  

I want my readers to know the dreams I have in my writing life for the future…

I would love to reach readers on an international scale. In other words, acquire a foreign rights agent to broker a deal with publishers from other countries in order to get my books translated into different languages. I also want to convert my books into audiobooks in the near future to make them more accessible on a grander scale. That said, what author wouldn’t dream of having a movie made from their book? Present company included. Living the dream!

I want readers to know my personal motto that keeps me going…

Slow and steady progress assures success.

Lastly, I want my readers to know the sage advice I’ve picked up on my journey along the road less traveled…

I’ve learned that a career in publishing is a dedicated path. There’s no short cut to fame or fortune, if you’re even lucky enough to get decently paid for your craft. However, seeing the finished product in my hands is an amazing feeling, and one that I’ll never tire of. So, whatever your heart calls you to do, jump in, enjoy, and be amazed at where it will lead you. Trust me, it’s so worth the journey!


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