Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Meet YA Author Asa Rodriguez and his Amazing Coming-of-Age Fantasy Series...

Let me introduce myself, dear reader.  I am author Asa Rodriguez.  I find that art and all forms of self-expression are extremely important in life.  And I started this coming-of-age fantasy series about an orphan boy called Ben, because he is learning to discover himself throughout the journey, just like any of us.


"Ben took a few steps forward and said, “Thank you! What I meant was, how is it possible that you can talk?!”

“What do you mean?? You can talk! Why couldn’t we?!” protested the willow tree.

Q:  In the story, we see Ben struggle so much with himself, perhaps confused about his own journey and who he is.  So, what is the main character's greatest fear??
A:  Ben is a member of an indigenous tribe.  He's lost his parents mysteriously, and this has brought him a lot of doubt and anger.  And now, not accepted by his own tribe because they think he's cursed, he's been taken to the White man's orphanage.  He finds himself rejected, neglected, lacking belief in who he is.  We can say he feels lost.  He secretly fears himself, and what he might become, in this sense.

Q:  In the start of the book we find out that a spiritual leader visits the orphanage and employs Ben.  Then we discover who he really is, and he takes Ben on a great journey, which is the beginning of the adventure.  Why is Adit Acharya taking Ben on a journey of self-discovery??

A:  Adit Acharya is a spiritual seeker, guru, and spiritual author.  Adit was the good friend of Ben's father.  And he knows how special Ben is, so he's trying to help him find himself and discover all that he needs to discover about his parents' death.

Q:   What can you tell us about Shadow...??  Shadow is a magical, very unusual creature.

A:  Yes, Shadow is exactly that, a shadow turned to life.  Shadow is Ben's shadow.  And Shadow is the same as Ben in every way, but he is a baby.  A baby in the sense that Shadow is just learning about his own emotions.  Now that he is a living being he feels joy, sadness, excitement, misery, and all these human emotions Ben feels.  

And this is why Shadow is needed by Ben's side, because he represents what Ben truly is.  Shadow is a perfect reflection of Ben--spiritually, emotionally, psychologically.  And if you follow the series, then you can see that Shadow is there in each adventure, best friends with Ben.  


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Also, I wanted to take the opportunity to let the reader know that #3 in the series, titled "The Book of 1st Witchcraft," is ready for preorder May 31st.

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