Monday, 29 December 2014

Ring in the New Year with this Devilishly Chocolate Mousse Cake...

In my recent time travel yarn, Legend of the Timekeepers, the prequel to The Last Timekeepers series, I give you an up-close-and-personal look at Belial, the nasty antagonist of the entire series. Love him or hate him, Belial is the foundation that cements this middle grade/young adult time travel series together. Face it, without a villain to fight, a hero has no purpose, no goal. And the Timekeepers need a quest in Earth’s past to stop Belial from changing history, or all hell will break loose. Which, by the way, is exactly what Belial wants to happen. Bahahaha!

The following recipe will make you look like a hero in the eyes of your family and friends. It takes about 25 minutes prep time, and a total of 5 hours (including refrigerating) to create. And it's a perfect choice to serve on New Year's Day! Can you say chocolate?

One Devilishly Charming Chocolate Mousse Cake

½ cup chocolate syrup
1 package (2-layer size) chocolate cake mix (we use Betty Crocker® Double Fudge)
1 cup water
⅓ cup oil
7 eggs
½ cup sour cream
1 package (250 g/ approx ½ lb) cream cheese brick, softened 1 cup sugar
1 can (370 mL/12 oz) evaporated milk
4 squares semi-sweet chocolate, melted (we use Baker’s®)
1 cup thawed whipped topping (we use Cool Whip®)

PREHEAT oven to 375°.

SPRAY 3-L (12 cup) fluted tube pan (Bundt) with cooking spray. Pour in chocolate syrup; tilt pan to evenly cover bottom with syrup.

BEAT cake mix, water, oil and 3 eggs with mixer for 2 minutes or until well blended. Add sour cream; mix well. Pour over syrup in pan.

BEAT cream cheese and sugar with mixer until blended. Add remaining eggs; mix well. Blend in evaporated milk and melted chocolate; gently spoon over cake batter. Cover with foil sprayed with cooking spray, sprayed-side down.

PLACE Bundt pan in large pan (like a lasagna pan). Add enough water to larger pan to come at least 2 inches up side of Bundt pan. Bake 1 hour 30 minutes or until toothpick inserted near center comes out clean. Cool completely in Bundt pan on wire rack. Refrigerate 2 hours. Invert cake onto plate; remove pan.

SERVE with whipped topping. Makes 24 servings.

NOTE: To unmold cooled cake, use a long thin spatula to loosen the cake from the sides of Bundt pan. Place plate over pan; invert cake onto plate. Spoon any chocolate syrup remaining in pan over cake.

Now while you’re waiting for this devilishly good chocolate mousse cake to cool, how about making a date with Belial and the Timekeepers? After all, better the devil you know, than the one you don’t!

Happy New Years to all my readers! May 2015 bring you much love, happiness, blessings, and contentment! Cheers!


  1. Devil woman with your you know what you're doing to my efforts to take off 10 pounds!!!!

  2. Probably the same efforts that I'm dealing with, Lizzie! Oh well, it's a clean slate for us all in January! Happy New Year!