Sunday, 27 January 2013

Developing a Positive Mental Attitude: Part Three

I must admit, there’s a lot to keeping up a positive mental attitude (PMA) these days. So much of a writer’s time and attention seems to be pulled in every direction, and I’ve found that negative thoughts can creep in on you when you least expect it. But if you keep up the good fight and learn to tame your mind by subjecting it to positive thoughts, then I believe the sky’s the limit.

 If you’ve missed Part Two of Developing a Positive Mental Attitude, please click HERE to read over the post. Now, as promised, here are the final PMA building blocks to help you create a solid foundation for a better life…

27. Return every benefit you receive with one of equal or greater value.

28. Avoid the fear of old age by remembering that nothing is ever taken from you without being replaced by something of equal or greater value. Youth, for instance, is replaced by wisdom.

29. Trust that adequate solutions can be found for all your problems, but accept the fact that the solutions may not always be the ones you want.

30. Rely on the examples of others to remind you that any disadvantage can be overcome. Think Thomas Edison or Helen Keller.

31. Embrace any opportunity to learn how others see you, and use it to take inventory of yourself and look for things which need improvement. Do not fear criticism; encourage it.

32. Create a mastermind alliance with others to work actively together toward a common goal and purpose. Discuss your progress and insights and gain the benefit of a much wider range of experience.

33. Grasp the differences between wishing, hoping, desiring, and having a burning desire to achieve your goal. Only a burning desire gives you a driving motivation, and it can be fueled only by a positive mental attitude.

34. Abstain from negative conversations, especially gossip, or tearing apart other people’s reputations.

35. Discipline your mind to shape your destiny toward whatever purpose in life you have chosen.

36. Be yourself at all times.

37. Say nothing that does not reflect your positive mental attitude!

38. Believe in the existence of Infinite Intelligence, which makes it possible for you to draw on all the power you need to take possession of your own mind and direct it toward whatever you choose.

39. Believe in your ability to become free and self-determining, and put that belief to work by acting upon it. Do it now!

If you read over these building blocks at least once a week for six months, you will so thoroughly indoctrinate yourself with these habits and mind conditioners that your mental attitude will become and remain positive at all times. Good luck and best wishes for creating your new improved life!


  1. Love all of these, Sharon. Especially #34-36 :)

  2. What a great list Sharon. A good mental shake-up. I feel ready to face the day now. :-)

  3. Cheers, Clarissa and Amaleen! Sometimes it does take some juggling in the mind to make things brighter! Thanks for passing out the positive energy!

  4. I'm going to work on #35. Thanks Sharon!

  5. Definitely have some work to do on many of these, especially #28. Thank you so much for doing these!

    1. Rhea, you're too young to be wise! Wink! Cheers for dropping by!

  6. Another great blog. Thanks, Sharon.