Monday 5 December 2011

Be Outstanding!

There’s so much for an author to do nowadays. Writing, rewriting, polishing, promotion, marketing, networking, and the list goes on. So much to do and not enough time, it seems. So how can an author in today’s publishing market survive? The answer is easy – be outstanding. However, the process is a little bit more complicated than that.

As a writer, you need to develop the constant urge to innovate. Understand what the best writers and exemplars in your chosen field do well and figure out why, then mix, match and reconstruct these elements into something new and better.

Another great piece of advice is to stay diligent in the one field of writing you’re trying to master. Focus on that one specific point on your map or plan, and go for it. Make it your single quest and saturate yourself in it. Become like an alchemist and dilute these desires to fill the gap.

The trick is not to compare yourself with other writers in your field who have had success. Go beyond that and work toward being so good you can’t be ignored.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you” – Steve Martin, comedian


  1. My top tips would be:
    - Surround yourself with good people. The sort who get things done.
    - Have clear goals, based upon things you can personally control.
    - Make thinking time and reading time.
    - Keep the faith! Writers are people who write, irrespective of how they feel or whether they are published or even read.

  2. Thanks, Amaleen!
    Great tips, Derek! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Sharon - this is inspiring! Also, what Derek said about "surrounding yourself with good people" is very true which I think Musa writers have surely done by getting involved with Musa. Also good advice for life in general!

  4. Thanks, Bette, and I agree - Musa has assembled a great team!

  5. Being a fellow Musan, I can say that it feels good to be a member of a community that promotes each other and talks to each other on FB. Nice post, Sharon.

  6. Thanks,Patti! You're outstanding!